champs James Hawkins & Riley Dempsey, and Shelby Dempsey & Marguerite Evans

        Two scratch division veterans piled on another title to their resumes, while two veteran ladies finally tasted victory with their first titles, in exciting action at the JBT So Cal Doubles Classic, hosted by Montclair's Bowlium.

        Riley Dempsey and a one-handed James Hawkins began a climb up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 181-170 win over Cortez Schenck and Derek Acuff in an alternate-frame match.  The next match was another grindout, and Riley and James snuck by Bobby Hornacek and Zack Jellsey 186-182.  They then turned it up with the high game of the finals in a 214-199 win over Eric Hatchett and Oscar Chan to advance to the title match.

        Top seeds and ASU standouts Russ Oviatt and Ben Canfield made a formidable team, taking over the lead back in game five.  However, the already challenging pattern deteriorated into sheer brutality by the end of the long day, forcing Russ to split boards and forcing everyone else to loft the gutters.  After Ben threw a clutch tenth frame double, Dempsey was forced to strike for the win.  Like he was all day, Riley came up clutch again, throwing an in-front-of-the-ball-return, sixth arrow strike for a 169-164 win.  It's the 16th win of his JBT career, while Hawkins earns an 11th title as an adult to go with his 10 junior JBT wins.

        Matthew Green and his mom Karen also made a run up the stepladder with a 213-178 handicap division win over the sister team of Amanda and Alexis Atkin.  The Greens then stopped the sibling team of Michaela and Lawrence Buhain 130-111.   They rolled on in the semifinals, beating Cameron Criss and Benjamin Byers 187-138 to advance to the title match.

        Top seeds Marguerite Evans and Shelby Dempsey have both come oh-so-close to JBT titles before, especially Evans as of late.  This match remained tight all the way, as all four bowlers came up with clutch shots late in the match.  After Shelby filled twenty in her tenth frame, it was up to Matthew to double for the title.  Green was able to get the first strike, but when a wobbly 10-pin stood up on his second shot, and elated Marguerite and Shelby finally, finally, FINALLY claimed their first JBT titles each.

        Huge thanks to all the adults that took time to bowl with today's JBT bowlers, as well as Scott and the team at Bowlium for another great job hosting our Tour!  If you missed all this fun, don't let that happen again!  Check out our schedule and get yourself to our next event!

So Cal Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler prize bowler prize total
1 James Hawkins   Riley Dempsey $300 $300
2 Ben Canfield $100 Russ Oviatt $100 $200
3 Eric Hatchett $75 Oscar Chan $75 $150
4 Bobby Hornacek $100 Zack Jellsey   $100
5 Cortez Schenck $96 Derek Acuff $40 $136
6 TJ Rock $28 Harley Sweigart $15 $43
7 Brandon Wanders   Nick Pollak    
8 Kyle Reed   Brian Reed    
9 Anthony Cando   Billy Dacanay    
10 Terrence Robinson   DeeRonn Booker    
11 Anthony Schanen   Andrew Svoren $13 $13
12 Kyle Duster   Austin Thompson    
13 Matt Zweig   Kirk Chui    
14 Max Polhill   Alex Watanabe    
15 Danny Cobbs   Randi Speiler    
16 Steven Kampley   Jason Larcome    
17 Nick Condon   Chris Tucker    
  Handicap Division        
1 Marguerite Evans $150 Shelby Dempsey $150 $300
2 Matthew Green $273 Karen Green   $273
3 Benjamin Byers $75 Cameron Criss $90 $165
4 Michaela Buhain $50 Lawrence Buhain $50 $100
5 Amanda Atkin $80 Alexis Atkin   $80
6 Tyler Handa $60 John Handa   $60
7 KJ Martinez $13 Brooke Martinez    
8 Jarred Starr-Moncayo $28 Evet Starr-Moncayo   $28
9 Shauna Schultz   Courtney Schultz    
10 Andrew Chan   Dawson Reese    
11 Zack Long   Mike Long    
12 Dillon Nilsen   Paul Nilsen    
13 Kaitlynn Martin $15 Krystopher Martin   $15
14 Secilia Kalvelage   John Kalvelage     
15 Nicholas Dorn $5 Leoj Chin $33 $38
16 Kylie Shishima $39 Chase Jamar   $39
17 James McGough      Brandon Loss    
18 Austin Veteto   Chris Davis    
19 Jacob Murray   Stacy Murray    
20 Leah Zweig   Steven Acuff    
21 Tre Mitchell   Andy Clark    
22 Dustin Yauney   Trevor Thompson $5 $5
23 Miguel Meraz   Alberto Bernal    
24 Sebastian Polhill   Ryan Galland    
25 Taylor Berry   Doc Adelson    
26 Dante Villa   Maikayla Villa    
  High Games        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Canfield 259 Veteto 264    
2 Pollak 256 Reese 262    
3 Chan 247 KJ Martinez 258    
4 Schenck 245 S Dempsey 257    
5 Rock 245 Byers 251      
  Round Leaders        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Acuff-Schenck Berry-Adelson    
2 Pollak-Wanders Evans-Dempsey/Green    
3 Pollak-Wanders Green-Green    
4 Pollak-Wanders Green-Green    
5 Canfield-Oviatt Evans-Dempsey     
6 Canfield-Oviatt Evans-Dempsey    
7 Canfield-Oviatt Evans-Dempsey