champs Tyger Miller & Brendan Hopkins

        Tyger Miller and Brendan Hopkins both burned brightly, winning JBT titles at Klamath Fall's Epicenter, in exciting JBT Pacific Northwest Conference action.

        14 year-old Miller dominated the scratch division qualifying round, earning him the #1 seed for the pick-your poison rounds, where higher seeds choose their opponents rather than a standard bracket.  Miller chose wisely, getting past Kyler Crevier and Nick Devlin in two-game total pinfall matches to advance to the title game.

        Brandon Myers just snuck into the cut, and then survived tough matches to reach the final game.  He recovered from a tough game to string the last four strikes to force Tyger to mark for the win. As he'd been doing all day, Miller threw another great shot and struck to lock up a 216-204 win, and the first title of his JBT career.  He joins Johnny Leggett as 14 year-old scratch winners just this season in the Pac NW- it's talent, not age, that determines JBT champions!

        Hopkins, another 14 year-old, was even more dominant in the handicap division, leading all five rounds and building a 150+ pin cushion over second place.  Such a big lead is not ideal for a matchplay format where the pins drop, but he managed to pick his poison wisely, mowing down two opponents to get to the title game.  

        His opponent was a resurgent Jonathan Bautista, who put on his best performance of the season to reach the title game.  However, despite keeping it close early, Hopkins was able to pull away from Bautista.  He won the game 236-201 for a sweep of the weekend's handicap titles, and 3 wins in 4 events for the rapidly improving Hopkins, who vaults way into the points lead with the exceptional weekend.

        Tyger's sister Shelby Miller also had an exceptional weekend, again beating Kelsey Abrahamsen 183-162 to sweep the weekend's Women's Series events, getting her 2/3 of the way to the Girls TPC in just 24 hours!

        Big thanks to the whole crew at Epicenter for a great hob hosting the JBT for the first time.  All our families and bowlers appreciated the wonderful hospitality!  Want in on all this fun and so much more?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Epicenter- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Tyger Miller $200
2 Brandon Myers $110
3 Nick Devlin $65
4 Tanner Spacey $30
5 Brian Monnette $109
6 Tommie McNeal  
7 Kyler Crevier $10
8 Tyler Satter  
9 Joey Huffman $14
10 Johnny Leggett  
11 Kelsey Abrahamsen $45
12 Ryan DeFazio  
13 Michael Wall  
14 Brandon Jensen  
15 Matthew Yaw  
16 Shelby Miller  
17 Jordan DeLorme  
18 Kolby Crowell $5
19 Trevor Hiatt  
  Handicap Division  
1 Brendan Hopkins $252
2 Jonathan Bautista $100
3 Bryce Hahn $69
4 Bailey Peters $40
5 Alex Perini $20
6 Brian De Luisa-Anderson  
7 Josh Leinassar  
8 Tyler Harmon  
9 Tia Riley  
10 Dodge Miller  
11 Breanna Reed  
12 McKenna Jacobe   
13 Shayla Guthrie-Marler  
14 Kristene Morris  
15 Mikayala Hahn  
16 Emily Hankins  
17 Brianna Guthrie-Marler  
18 Hannah Russell  
19 Elijah Gaviola  
20 Nickolas Perini  
21 Cameron Cox  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Devlin 266 Hopkins 296
2 Myers 265 Hopkins 272
3 Myers 258 Hopkins 262
4 Spacey 258 Hopkins 252
5 Devlin 257 Leinassar 251
  High Female  
1 Abrahamsen -22  
2 S Miller -115*  
3 Jacobe -190  
4 Riley -259  
5 B Guthrie -277  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Devlin Hopkins
2 T Miller Hopkins
3 T Miller Hopkins
4 T Miller Hopkins
5 T Miller Hopkins