champs Brian Monnette & Michael Baunsgard

        Brian Monnette and Michael Baunsgard were the ultimate survivors at Evergreen, capturing JBT titles in exciting Pacific Northwest Conference action.

        In our 'super survivor' format, the low individual score, and the two lowest overall totals, are eliminated each game, creating tense action on every pair as higher totals are safer, but nobody is ever totally safe.  Twelve scratch semifinalists were carved down to three, and in the resulting penultimate match, Kolby Crowell put up the second highest game of the tournament, a 256, to advance to the finals.  He was joined by Brian Monnette, whose 187 was enough to eliminate Kyler Crevier (157). 

        The short Boardwalk pattern played tough all day, and the title match was no exception.  Any score starting with a 2 was likely to be golden, and that was the case, as Brian beat Kolby 207-168 for the win, the third of his career.  It was perhaps a signal that Monnette might finally start to string the titles together, while Kolby signaled that another Crowell might be starting to make a big splash on our tour!

        The handicap division also had twelve qualifiers whittled down to three, and in their low scoring semifinals Michael Baunsgard led with 200, and Brandon Nodland also qualified for the finals with a 188, while Treyshawn Culpepper bowed out in third with 175, still his career-high JBT finish.

        Baunsgard, who also made the finals yesterday, came up with a big came in the title match to defeat Nodland 222-200 and earn the first title of his JBT career.

        Elise Yates and Kelsey Abrahamsen went at it again in the Women's Series title match, with Elise reversing yesterday's result with a 160-138 win, matching Kelsey with her second win of the season.

        Thanks again to the team at Evergreen for hosting our Tour!  If you want to be part of this fun, just check out our schedule and come on down!

Evergreen Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Brian Monnette $200
2 Kolby Crowell $100
3 Kyler Crevier $95
4 Daniel Hanson $65
5 Gabe Bogner $30
6 Johnny Leggett  
7 Nick Devlin $60
8 Ryan DeFazio  
9 Tyler Boe $115
10 Brandon Myers  
11 Josh Alvarez  
12 Justin Song  
13 Kelsey Abrahamsen  
14 Simon Dyck  
15 Tyler Hogstrom  
16 Tommie McNeal  
17 Matthew Yaw  
18 Brandon Jensen  
19 Elise Yates  
20 AJ Brockett  
21 Jake Mullen $10
22 Tyler Satter   
23 Jonathan Bautista  
24 Collin Young  
25 Joey Huffman  
26 Toby Shepherd  
27 Steven Acuff  
28 Andrei Weber  
  Handicap Division  
1 Michael Baunsgard $200
2 Brandon Nodland $100
3 Treyshawn Culpepper $50
4 Andy Herrmann $70
5 Collins Davis $45
6 Tristan Sievers $15
7 Alejandro Moser-Hernandez $15
8 Kori Kuntz  
9 Brooke Collins  
10 Cameron Pierre $30
11 Daniel Johnson $30
12 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson   
13 Shannon Bliquez  
14 Matthew Anderson  
15 Brendan Hopkins $15
16 Kyle Hays  
17 Tyler Denune  
18 Alex Perini  
19 Armando Moser-Hernandez  
20 Zoe Mahn  
21 Zane Hays  
22 AJ Schock $5
23 Tyler Harmon  
24 Jerry Jennings  
25 Elisa Couch  
26 Candace Goldfinch  
27 Kate Schmidt  
28 Kris Tomer  
29 Parker Portalski  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Dyck 262 Baunsgard 236
2 Crowell 256 B Nodland 234
3 Crowell 247 Herrmann 231
4 Hanson 235 B Nodland 229
5 Boe, Bogner 235 B Nodland 229
  High Female  
1 Abrahamsen -112  
2 Yates -143*  
3 Couch -222  
4 Schock -237  
5 Goldfinch -249  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Hanson B Nodland
2 Leggett Alej. Moser-Her.
3 Crevier Herrmann
4 Hanson B Nodland
5 Hanson B Nodland