champs Ben Canfield & Tyler Fujimoto

        Ben Canfield and Tyler Fujimoto are at the extremes of the JBT height and age spectrums, but they're both champions, earning titles in exciting Mojave Conference action at Gold Coast Lanes in Las Vegas.

        Eric Hatchett and Dallas Leong opened the scratch division stepladder finals with an unusually high scoring (albeit mulligan-aided) match on the super-challenging Bear pattern, with Eric coming out on top 258-242.  Hatchett then got past KJ Martinez 224-181.  Canfield stopped Hatchett's run with a 246-229 semifinal win to move on the title match.

        Cortez Schenck used a huge 274 game six to vault into the lead, but did not have the right look on the championship pair, rapidly burning through the four 'mulligans' he had stockpiled, while Ben only needed to use one to lock up a 227-174 win, and the 23rd title of his illustrious JBT career.

        Dee Handley began the handicap stepladder finals with a 191-183 over Abby Franklin.  Tyler Hedges then won round two over Dee 204-169 to set up a most interesting semifinal match.  Hedges suddenly became the older and taller Tyler on the pair, as the 9 year-old took on 6 year-old Tyler Fujimoto (check out the picture below).  Giving 50 pins was a new experience for Hedges, and his consequent struggles helped Fujimoto to a 212-172 win to move up to the title match.

        Zach Rapp survived very well on the brutal pattern, as his +52 score, which doesn't even make the first cut some days, was good enough to lead the tournament today.  What carry he had found went away in the title game, though, as too many 9 counts sealed a 204-179 victory for Fujimoto.  Tyler becomes the fourth youngest bowler to win a JBT title, behind Ashley Lamb, Stacey Lamb, and Sebastian Polhill.  We say any age and any average, and Tyler is the latest to show just how true that is!

        Leah Glazer was the top girls' qualifier by one pin over Dee Handley, but it was Dee who came away with a 192-149 win for the day's women's series title.

        Thanks as always to the team at Gold Coast for hosting our Tour.  Want in on the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Gold Coast- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler


1 Ben Canfield $200
2 Cortez Schenck $151
3 Eric Hatchett $54
4 KJ Martinez $60
5 Dallas Leong $30
6 Joe Gerencser $51
7 Jake Hilton  
8 Teagan Smale $8
9 Cerell Cardines  
10 Max Polhill  
11 Brandon Russom  
12 Nick Pollak  
13 Leah Glazer $5
14 Talon Hendrickson  
15 Brendan Thomas  
16 Steven Acuff   
17 Randi Speiler  
18 Alex Watanabe  
19 Kirk Chui  
20 Jamison Peyton  
21 Eddie Allen III  
  Handicap Division  
1 Tyler Fujimoto $250
2 Zach Rapp $125
3 Tyler Hedges $130
4 Dee Handley $89
5 Abby Franklin $50
6 Brett McEachern $40
7 Dante Rohe $146
8 Emi Leong $20
9 Krystal Amico  
10 Matt Baker  
11 Kendal Bennett-Jordan  
12 Brandon Duffy  
13 Kyle Gilbert   
14 Derick Poole  
15 Ed Rassuchine  
16 Crystalene Pineda  
17 Sergio Torres   
18 Daryus Alo  
19 Zack Velosa  
20 Michael Owens   
21 Garrett Sulzer $15
22 David Galvan  
23 Devyn Patalina  
24 Tyler Thomas   
25 Tyler Schlei  
26 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
27 Garrett Thompson  
28 Bella Flowers  
29 Dylan Amico  
30 Phillip Sauve  
31 Justin Freeman  
32 Amanda Atkin  
33 Kyle Rendon  
34 Paul Colyer  
35 Elisa Loden  
36 Elijah Melchor  
37 Brendan Lindsey  
38 Jopfel Gafate  
39 Zack Long  
40 Kelley Johnson  
41 Stacey Cuevas  
42 Samantha Conti  
43 Laurren Takahata  
44 Sam Espiritu  
45 Sebastian Polhill  
46 Nate Farmer  
47 Cole Telford $15
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck 274 Hedges 268
2 Hatchett 258 Leong 259
3 Canfield 246 Rapp 253
4 Canfield 245 Rohe 249
5 Acuff 243 Schlei 240
    Franklin 240
  High Female  
1 Glazer -129  
2 Handley -130*  
3 Leong -140  
4 Pineda -156  
5 Franklin -167  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Leong Schlei-Franklin
2 Leong Schlei  
3 Canfield Fujimoto
4 Canfield Fujimoto
5 Canfield Rapp
6 Hatchett Rapp
7 Schenck Fujimoto
8 Schenck Rapp