champs Daryus Alo & Marguerite Evans, and Alex Watanabe & Steven Villanueva; additional pictures below

        Four bowlers claimed JBT titles in exciting action at the JBT Mojave Doubles tournament, hosted by The Orleans.

        The sister duo of Shauna and Courtney Schultz opened the handicap division baker-style stepladder finals with a 177-163 win over Jarred Starr-Moncayo and her son Jarred.  Recent JBT grad Casey Nagamine and Sebastian Polhill then teamed up to beat Shauna and Courtney 215-171.  Marguerite Evans and Daryus Alo then turned the tables on Casey and Sebastian with a 188-165 win to move on to the title match.

        Top seeds RJ and Sabrina Reyes have had previous success in this event, but this result would mark their career high finish.  Evans finally claimed her first JBT title just two weeks ago in the So Cal doubles event, and with the help of 8 year-old "babyloft" Daryus, they kept the lead most of the title game.  Needing a double to win, RJ couldn't get the first strike, and Evans and Alo each claimed their second career JBT title with the win.

        The scratch division finals began with one of the most bizarre finishes in JBT history.  Against Junior Gold champs Cortez Schenck and Wesley Low, scratch newcomer Jake Hilton needed all three strikes to tie the game in the tenth.  After getting the first two, Hilton's final shot went way wide right- but the 1-2-4 caved in backwards for a 191 tie.  Then his partner Ray Johnson struck in tehe tiebreaker to win the rolloff 10-9 and advance.  The following matches were calmer, with Ian and Nathan Hanuscin stopping Hilton and Johnson 212-151.  Dallas Leong and Zack Hattori outsriking teh Hanuscins 225-205 to set up the title match.

        Top seeds Alex Watanabe and adult star Steven Villanueva made it an all-Vegas finale for the crown, and the match was one-sided in favor of the #1 qualifiers.  Alex and Steven won the match 247-176, earning the long awaited first title of his JBT career.

    Thanks as always to The Orleans for hosting our events, and to all the adults who took the time to bowl with today's JBT bowlers.  If you want in on the fun, just come on down to our next event!

Mojave Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division          
rank bowler prize   bowler prize total
1 Alex Watanabe $300   Steven Villanueva   $300
2 Dallas Leong $94   Zach Hattori $80 $714
3 Nathan Hanuscin     Ian Hanuscin $100 $100
4 Jake Hilton $80   Raymond Johnson   $80
5 Wesley Low $40   Cortez Schenck $40 $80
6 Kyle Duster     Correen Lieber    
7 Talon Hendrickson     James Boyce    
8 Brandon Wanders     Nick Pollak    
9 Randi Speiler $14   Chase Nadeau   $14
10 Eric Hay     Jamison Peyton    
11 Derek Acuff     Eric Hatchett    
12 TJ Rock $58   KJ Martinez   $58
13 Brendan Thomas     Mike Super    
14 Kyle Andrews     Kennison Andrews    
15 John Polhil     Max Polhil    
16 Tyler Satter     Rick Satter    
  Handicap Division          
1 Marguerite Evans $165   Daryus Alo $150 $315
2 RJ Reyes $100   Sabrina Reyes $100 $200
3 Casey Nagamine     Sebastian Polhill $150 $150
4 Shauna Schultz $100   Courtney Schultz   $100
5 Evet Starr-Moncayo     Jarred Starr-Moncayo $80 $80
6 Wendy Macpherson     April McDonnell    
7 Zack Long     Tyler Hedges $43 $43
8 Dante Rohe     Paul Colyer $5 $5
9 Dee Handley $44   Daryl Purdy   $44
10 Destiny Johnson     Alayna Purdy    
11 Bill Thompson     Tyler Thomas $5 $5
12 Ron Goodnight     Jake Goodnight    
13 Anthony Dang     Crystalene Pineda    
14 Garrett Thompson     Marcy Thompson    
15 James Wilson     Devyn Patalina    
16 Abby Franklin $19   Alexis Atkin   $19
17 Ronnie Goodnight     Joe Claspell    
18 Steven Acuff     Amanda Atkin    
19 LeeAnn Reyes     Rossel Reyes    
20 Austin Signoretti     Jenna Scott    
21 Cerell Cardines     Jeremy Cardines    
22 Kyle Rendon     Rick Rendon    
23 Cole Telford     Jeremy Telford    
24 Collin Deppe      Ryan Blakely    
25 David Rocha     Tyler Greene    
26 Ashley Thomas     Kelley Johnson    
27 George Acurero     Jorge Acurero    
  High Games          
  Scratch Handicap        
1 Pollak 279 Handley 259      
2 Lieber 256 RJ Reyes 253      
3 Nadeau 256 S Reyes 252      
4 Low 254 Dang 252        
5 Hattori 252 S Polhill 251      
  Round Leaders          
  Scratch Handicap        
1 Pollak - Wanders Reyes-Reyes      
2 Leong - Hattori Reyes-Reyes      
3 Watanabe - Villanueva Rohe-Colyer      
4 Watanabe - Villanueva Nagamine-Polhill    
5 Watanabe - Villanueva Nagamine-Polhill    
6 Watanabe - Villanueva Reyes-Reyes      
7 Watanabe - Villanueva Reyes-Reyes