champs Dallas Leong, Adel Wahner, and Thomas Whitley

        Dallas Leong, Adel Wahner, and Thomas Whitley captured JBT major titles, winning their divisions of the New Mexico-Texas JBT Invitational tournament, hosted by Starlight Lanes at Santa Ana Star Casino.

        Cortez Schenck grabbed the top seed for the tense triple-elimination matchplay rounds, and survived the first four rounds undefeated, but things fell apart from there, as he lost to Ahkeen Williams, Dallas Leong, and William Yoder to bow out in fifth.  In the same round, #3 Danny Cobine got a bye, while Leong elimiated Williams.  That left three survivors, and this time Leong got the bye, while Yoder ousted Cobine, setting up a one game title match.  The final game was well bowled, and after Yoder doubled in the ninth and tenth, Dallas needed to double to capture the title.  Leong calmly threw a perfect double, winning the game 226-221, for a sweep of the weekend and the $1,000 windfall for his 11th career JBT title.

        #14 Noah Martinez had the best early run in matchplay, starting 5-0.  However he then last three straight, ending with a loss to #11 Jeremiah McClelon to finish in fourth, which was enough to wrap up Bowler of the Year.  In that same round, top qualifier Thomas Whitley gave #5 Jake Lucero his second loss.  That left three bowlers, so McClelon got a bye, and in a close rematch it was Whitely eliminating Lucero, setting up a scenario where Jeremiah had to beat Thomas twice to win the title.  Whitley was able to win the first game, locking up his first career JBT title and $1,000 top scholarship prize. 

        Adel Wahner had a fantastic season everywhere, including five girls wins in her home state.  She played fellow Las Cruces bowlers Vanessa Romero for the Girls Invitational title, and in that match rolled to the win and $200 bonus prize.

        The top 20 in season long points now advance to the TPC to play the best of the JBT best for the $2,000 top prizes!   Thanks to the team at Starlight for a great job hosting a busy weekend.  Want in on all the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down, that's all there is to it!

NM-TX Invitational- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Dallas Leong $1,115
2 William Yoder $500
3 Danny Cobine $300
4 Cortez Schenck $210
5 Ahkeen Williams $100
6 Wesley Low $50
7 Joe Balistreri  
8 Stefan Wood  
9 Zach Wojciechowski  
10 Adel Wahner  
11 Levi Fintel  
12 Curtis Lindeman  
13 Jacob Gill $50
14 Isziah Zuni $5
15 John Ellis  
16 Ben Stedman $50
17 Alex Watanabe  
18 Carson Opela  
19 Sara Vargas  
20 Josh Demick  
21 Gillian Coyle  
22 Bree Vargas  
23 Brad Harvey  
24 Zach Harvey  
25 Olivia Stedman  
26 Error  
27 Mark Vigil  
28 Sophie Diaz  
29 Ryan Gose  
30 Christian Apolonio  
31 Matthew Tran  
  Handicap Division  
1 Thomas Whitley $1,000
2 Jeremiah McClelon $500
3 Jacob Lucero $300
4 Noah Martinez $200
5 Justin Hackney $193
6 Jacob Marquis $173
7 Jarred Starr-Moncayo $90
8 Quirino Sanchez $50
9 Morgan Ellis  
10 Montana Cdebaca $5
11 Jonah Seawright $50
12 Vanessa Romero $50
13 Cesar Duran  
14 Nathan Nguyen  
15 Josiah Ficklin  
16 Nick Sanchez $50
17 Xzavier Rede  
18 Mateo Gonzalez  
19 Gerilynn Delegarito  
20 Abby Franklin  
21 Aarin Jeffries  
22 Jeffrey Breining  
23 Sierra Jones  
24 Donius Jeffries $29
25 Jay Heffer  
26 Isaac Duran  
27 Krysta Carlisle  
28 Aileen Linares  
29 Lindsey Sanchez $10
30 James Fine  
31 Zack Long  
32 Kelly McNeil  
33 Blayne Hurst  
34 Jennifer Fortenberry  
35 Chris Ortega  
36 Katie McNeil $29
37 Taylor Herson  
38 3lizab3th Rom3ro  
39 Nathaniel Duran  
40 Alyssa Williams  
41 Nathan Tran  
42 Toby Cdebaca  
43 Kallista Fritts  
44 Trevor Hicks  
45 Yarelis Alvarez  
  Girls' Invitational  
1 Adel Wahner $200
2 Vanessa Romero  
3 Morgan Ellis  
4 Sara Vargas  
5 Gillian Coyle  
6 Bree Vargas  
7 Olivia Stedman  
8 Sophie Diaz  
9 Montana Cdebaca  
10 Gerilynn Delegarito  
11 Elizabeth Romero  
12 Alyssa Williams  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck 289 Whitley 299
2 Cobine 269 Whitley 294
3 Cobine 258 Marquis 271
4 Cobine 256 Whitley 267
5 Lindeman 254 J McClelon 260
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Schenck V Romero
2 Lindeman / Schenck Whitley
3 Lindeman    Whitley
4 Lindeman Marquis
5 Schenck Whitley