champs Wesley Low and Abby Franklin flank girls champ Randi Speiler and co-owner Paula Vidad

        Wesley Low evened up his personal title count again, while Abby Franklin added another win to her collection, in dual Mojave and So Cal Conference action at Paula Vidad's Revolutions in Barstow.

        13 year-old Evan Abram made his second scratch finals in three attempts, but veteran Randi Speiler came up with a clutch double to win their opening stepladder match 202-192.  Cortez Schenck then ground out a 199-183 win over Speiler, and followed with another low-scoring win, this time 191-180 over Dallas Leong to move on to the title game.

        Top seed Wesley Low made an increasingly squirrelly pattern look easy, firing 776 in the semifinals to grab the top seed.  Schenck had no answers in the title game, and Wesley was able to cruise 203-171 to the win, good for the 22nd title of his JBT career, matching his JAT title total for an incredible double-resume. 

        8 year-old Daryus Alo continues to amaze, winning round one of the handicap division stepladder finals 235-226 over Jarred Starr-Moncayo.  In the next game Daryus rolled a very respectable 218, but could only watch as Paul Colyer came up with twelve in a row for a perfect 300, the first of his career!  The first game after a 300 is often a tough one, and Paul struggled a bit, letting veteran Abby Franlin take advantage for a 204-178 win and a trip to the title match.

        Top seed Katie Kipler was right at home in Barstow, leading since round two in by far her best JBT performance of her young career.  She slowed down a bit in the title match though, while Franklin finished strong again, winning the match 212-198 for the fifth title of her JBT career.

         It was Speiler and Ashley Dunn for the day's girls title, and for the second time on the day Speiler got a tenth frame strike she needed, throwing the hit to beat Dunn 171-160 to split the weekend's women's titles.

           Thanks as always to the incredible Paula Vidad and her team for hosting our Tour. The field is now set for the Mojave Invitational, while So Cal still has one event to get into their finale.  There's still time for you too!  Check out our schedule and come on down to the next JBT event!

Revolutions- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Wesley Low $275
2 Cortez Schenck $154
3 Dallas Leong $75
4 Randi Speiler $40
5 Evan Abram $30
6 Matt Zweig  
7 TJ Rock  
8 Joe Grondin  
9 Josh Demick  
10 Joe Gerencser  
11 Andrew Guba  
12 Ashley Dunn  
13 Eric Hatchett  
14 Talon Hendrickson  
15 Greg Adler  
16 Harley Sweigart  
17 Brandon Wanders  
18 Brendan Thomas  
19 Austin Thompson  
20 Joe Lewandowski  
21 Anthony Schanen  
22 Teagan Smale  
23 Leah Glazer  
24 Nick Pollak  
  Handicap Division  
1 Abby Franklin $230
2 Katie Kipler $140
3 Paul Colyer $75
4 Daryus Alo $60
5 Jarred Starr-Moncayo $64
6 Matt Baker $85
7 Marguerite Evans $30
8 Marc Villalobos $35
9 Jopfel Gafate  
10 Jacob Murray  
11 Edward Rassuchine  
12 Megan Carpenter $15
13 Austin Gilbert  
14 Dawson Reese $60
15 April McDonnell $75
16 Taylor Berry  
17 Tyler Thomas  
18 Zack Long $20
19 Matt Green $15
20 Brandon Duffy  
21 Andrew Chan  
22 James McGough $15
23 Dante Rohe  
24 Dustin Yauney  
25 Trevor Thompson $15
26 Ryan Langenhorst $15
27 Garrett Thompson  
28 Randall Berkheimer  
29 Michael Owens  
30 Kyle Gilbert $20
31 Dylan Amico  
32 Matt Carpenter  
33 Madison Wellman  
34 Kyle Reed  
35 Kyle Rendon  
36 Michaela Buhain  
37 Dee Handley  
38 Krystal Amico  
39 Derfick Poole  
40 Tim Hill  
41 Sergio Torres  
42 Tyler Hedges   
43 Leah Zweig  
44 April McDonnell  
45 Michaela Buhain  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Low 276 Colyer 316
2 Grondin 269 Kipler 284
3 Low 267 T Thomas 283
4 Speiler 266 Berry 280
5 Zweig 264 Duffy 264
  High Female  
1 Speiler +41*  
2 Dunn -19  
3 Kipler -55  
4 Franklin -58  
5 Carpenter -58  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Zweig Starr-Moncayo
2 Abram Kipler
3 Speiler Kipler
4 Low Kipler
5 Low Kipler
6 Low Kipler
7 Low Kipler
8 Low Kipler
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,543