champs Ben Canfield & Justin Freeman

        Multiple historic storylines resolved into Ben Canfield and Justin Freeman earning JBT titles in very exciting Mojave Conference action at Sam's Town Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

        Scratch division scoring was very polarized on the Boardwalk lane condition, with the ones that had it figured out able to put up high scores on the otherwise challenging pattern.  This was evident in the semifinal matches, with Cortez Schenck defeating Austin Thompson 224-210, and Ben Canfield winning a 254-248 thriller over Dallas Leong. 

        Whenever anyone plays Cortez for a title, they must think they'll need a big number given Schenck's gaudy resume, but Canfield shouldn't - and doesn't- fear anyone with an incredible record of his own.  His look got better as the event went on, and when he got to the front nine, everyone crowded around to see a shot at history.  Canfield's shots in the tenth were all terrific, and when the dead flush final ball crushed the rack, he had himself a 300-197 win, became just the 10th person ever to win 20 JBT titles, and shot the fourth ever title match perfect game in JBT history!

        Plenty of historic storylines dotted the handicap division as well.  Justin Freeman, looking for his second consecutive title, which would make him the first handicap bowler to do so this season, won his semifinal match against Jopfel Gafate 236-180.  In the other semifinal, veteran Marguerite Evans was looking to finally win her first JBT title, but she ran into Zack Long, who had the block of his life in qualifying, and didn't stop once matchplay began either.  He beat Marguerite 212-174 to advance to his first career title match.

        In the title game, Zach finally slowed down a bit, while Freeman was focused on his mission, and made the shots he needed to beat Long 228-206, and win his second JBT title in a row.  Even though Justin got the win, Long won everything else- and we mean everything.  Nobody has ever earned every point available at a JBT event, and Zack led every round, had all five high games, and thus just needed the win to set that historic mark!   

        Even the women's series match had some history as Randi Speiler and Leah Glazer set  a record for the lowest scoring tie title match in girls history, as both talented girls struggled to 149!  The rolloff was a struggle as well, as Randi got 7 on her rolloff shot, but Glazer missed left on the demanding condition to only get 3, giving Speiler her first women's series win of the season.

        Thanks to the whole crew at Sam's Town for hosting our Tour.  Want in on all this record setting fun?  Just come on out to the next event, it's as simple as that!

Sam's Town- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Ben Canfield $200
2 Cortez Schenck $166
3 Dallas Leong $60
4 Austin Thompson $30
5 Joe Gerencser $50
6 Nick Pollak $5
7 Ricardo Mendoza  
8 Eric Hatchett  
9 Wesley Low  
10 Zack Hattori  
11 Brendan Thomas  
12 Garrett Thompson  
13 Jamison Peyton  
14 Teagan Smale   
15 KJ Martinez  
16 Cerell Cardines  
17 Zach Martinez $5
18 Leah Glazer  
19 Tyler Satter  
20 Randi Speiler $5
21 Max Polhill  
22 Nick Condon  
  Handicap Division  
1 Justin Freeman $200
2 Zack Long $202
3 Marguerite Evans $64
4 Jopfel Gafate $30
5 Trevor Thompson $20
6 Devyn Patalina  
7 Abby Franklin  
8 Sebastian Polhill  
9 Tyler Hedges $56
10 Jarred Starr-Moncayo $14
11 Paul Colyer  
12 Michael Rose   
13 Elijah Lomotan  
14 Daryus Alo  
15 Sergio Torres  
16 Kyle Rendon  
17 Kevin Mette  
18 Brooke Martinez  
19 Dylan Amico  
20 April McDonnell  
21 Brendan Lindsey  
22 Tyler Thomas  
23 Katie Cox  
24 Dee Handley  
25 Collin Deppe  
26 Austin Veteto  
27 Garrett Thompson  
28 Crystalene Pineda  
29 Dante Rohe  
30 Veronica Schleicher  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Canfield 300 Long 274
2 Pollak 279 Long 266
3 Long 279 Long 263
4 Schenck 268 Long 260
5 B Thomas 265 Long 255
  High Female  
1 Glazer -141  
2 Speiler -147*  
3 B Martinez -222  
4 Evans -233  
5 Franklin -265  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Pollak Long
2 Leong Long
3 Leong Long
4 Leong Long
5 Leong Long
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,107