champs Cortez Schenck & Nathaniel Duran

        Cortez Schenck reached another milestone, while Nathaniel Duran doubled his personal title count, in exciting JBT action at Santa Ana Star Casino's Starlight Lanes.

        After five games of qualifying, bowlers moved on to head to head matchplay.  If you were a Williams, you earned a #1 by your name, as siblings Ahkeen and Alyssa led their respective divisions, a first for that family.  Matchplay went well for Ahkeen, as he rolled past Isziah Zuni and Josh Demick to reach the title match.  Alyssa did not enjoy the same success, though, as #8 Chris Ortega eliminated her in round two.  Ortega then beat Andrea Griego to get to the handicap division title match.

        Ahkeen's opponent was Cortez Schenck, who had an unspectacular day by his standards, but did what he had to do to grind out wins and get to the final.  In that match, the great look Williams had all day seemed to go away, and Schenck took advantage for a 223-167 win.  It's the 43rd title of his BT career, moving him past the great Steven Black for sole possession of the #2 spot on our all-time titles list!

        Ortega would face Nathaniel Duran for the title, who had to go through three rounds as the #7 seed to reach the final.  It was Duran who stayed in control in this match, as too many opens proved costly for Chris.  The 224-195 final score was good for the second title of Nathaniel's JBT career.

        Unfortunately, the other shoe dropped for Alyssa as well, as Adel Wahner was able to defeat Williams, who was the top seed for the Women's Series, 171-133 for the day's crown.

        Thanks as always to the crew at Starlight for hosting our Tour!  Want to be a part of it?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Starlight Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Cortez Schenck $243
2 Ahkeen Williams $100
3 Josh Demick $50
4 Josh Helmick $30
5 Zach Wojciechowski $34
6 William Yoder $58
7 Jacob Gill  
8 Isziah Zuni  
9 Ben Stedman  
10 Ryan McGuire  
11 Carson Opela  
12 Joey Balistreri  
13 Adel Wahner  
14 Angel Ortega  
15 Zach Harvey  
16 Joe Lewandowski  
17 Brad Harvey  
18 Christian Apolonio  
19 Brandon Gill  
20 Kyle Salazar $5
  Handicap Division  
1 Nathaniel Duran $214
2 Chris Ortega $100
3 Nick Sanchez $50
4 Andrea Griego $30
5 Alyssa Williams $80
6 Jake Helmick  
7 Morgan Ellis $15
8 Rhiannon May $43
9 Aedyn May  
10 Justin Hackney $14
11 Padraig Callan  
12 Nathan Price  
13 Gerilynn Delegarito  
14 Gillian Coyle $15
15 Audrey Campbell  
16 Mariano Garcia  
17 Vanessa Romero  
18 Quirino Sanchez  
19 Matthew Tran  
20 Lindsey Sanchez $10
21 Lacey Shelton  
22 James Fine  
23 Jonah Seawright  
24 Noah Martinez  
25 Paul Sanchez  
26 Justin Garcia-Vigil $50
27 Aileen Linares  
28 Isaac Duran  
29 Jacob Marquis  
30 Cerra Strickland   
31 Rodrigo De La O  
  Women's Series  
1 A Williams -109  
2 Wahner -117*  
3 Coyle -144  
4 M Ellis -161  
5 V Romero -194  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 A Williams 247 N Duran 252
2 Wojo. 237 A Williams 247
3 Zuni 237 R May 241
4 Z Harvey 237 Griego 240
5 Schenck 236 A Williams 236
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Zuni - Z Harvey A Williams
2 A Williams Griego
3 J Gill A Williams
4 A Williams A Williams
5 A Williams A Williams