champs Cortez Schenck & Axel Barajas (center) with runners-up Tyler Hedges & Aaron Yamamoto

        Cortez Schenck added another title to his massive collection, while Axel Barajas tasted JBT victory for the first time, in exciting Arizona Conference action at Christown Lanes in Phoenix.

        Schenck climbed the ladder in the 'tennis' format stepladder finals, where matches are decided by a series of one-shot rolloffs that are scored exactly like tennis games, making every shot extremely important.   He began with a win over first time finalist Sean Trzasakowski.  He then got past Kyle Duster after one deuce, and followed with another tough win over Jakob Butturff to reach the title match.

        Top qualifier Aaron Yamamoto had a dream weekend, shooting the only 300 of the weekend to start matchplay, after winning the doubles event the day before, en route to the #1 position here.  However, he struggled a little bit in the finals, and whenever he did strike Schenck came back with a strike of his own to extend the rally.  In the end, Cortez won two straight games in the 2-of-3 title match to earn the 47th championship of his JBT career.

        Handicap bowlers used the conventional scoring system in their stepladder finals, which began with Aaron Coleman's round one win over first-time finalist Marco Flores.  Joseph Metzer then stopped Coleman, but the tables were turned in the semifinals as 9 year-old Tyler Hedges beat Metzer to move on to the title match.

        Hedges has been on a roll lately, making his second title match in a month.  However, top seed Axel Barajas was not in the mood to let him get his first win.  A leadoff turkey was all he needed to cruise the rest of the way, and Barajas claimed the first title of his career, and first for the traveling group from Mexico (which includes Flores, Alberto Bernal, and Miguel Meraz), with the championship game victory.

        San Diego's Brittany Kolatzny, on break from freshman year at Robert Morris, won her first Women's Series event of the season with a title match victory over Adel Wahner.

        Thanks as always to the crew at Christown for hosting our Tour.  Want in on all this fun for all ages and averages?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Christown- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Cortez Schenck $228
2 Aaron Yamamoto $110
3 Jakob Butturff $50
4 Kyle Duster $59
5 Sean Trzaskowski $20
6 Bryan Van Sickle  
7 KJ Martinez $29
8 Keith Fung  
9 TJ Rock $14
10 Curtis Lindeman  
11 Adel Wahner  
12 Eric Hatchett  
13 Brittany Kolatzny  
14 Austin Thompson $15
15 Dallas Leong  
16 Robert Douglas  
17 Heather Penatzer  
18 Josh Franz  
19 Jakob Hilton  
20 Nick Pollak  
21 Josh Demick  
22 Jerod Walker  
23 Max Polhill  
24 Jake Tucker  
25 Lauren Douglas  
  Handicap Division  
1 Axel Barajas $200
2 Tyler Hedges $129
3 Joseph Metzer $75
4 Aaron Coleman $50
5 Marco Flores $40
6 Justin Lawrence $30
7 Zach Rapp $20
8 Shauna Schultz  
9 Wiliam Robbins  
10 Destiny Johnson $58
11 Miguel Meraz  
12 Abby Franklin  
13 Sarah Halligan $10
14 Rob McClelon  
15 Clifford Robbins $10
16 Samantha Sellers  
17 Amanda Atkin  
18 Gillian Coyle  
19 Morgan Rapp  
20 Michael Chamot $29
21 Bex Boyko $58
22 Sebastian Polhill  
23 David Rohe  
24 Cristian Roque $15
25 Mathew Adragna  
26 Megan Carlson  
27 Ryan Zent  
28 Kyle Lawrence $30
29 Alberto Bernal  
30 Dante Rohe  
31 Brandon Rouse  
32 Kyle Ponzo  
33 Paul Colyer  
34 Zack Long  
35 John Newton  
36 Rachael Berg  
37 Jarred Starr-Moncayo  
38 Phillip Sauve  
39 Trevor Thompson  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Yamamoto 300 Halligan 276
2 Butturff 268 Coyle 263
3 Duster 268 Barajas 261
4 Trzaskowski 259 Barajas 258
5 Fung 259 Metzer 257
  High Female  
1 Wahner -24  
2 Kolatzny -47*  
3 Coyle -76  
4 Scultz -93  
5 Penatzer -108  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Butturff Hedges
2 Martinez Metzer
3 Martinez Metzer
4 Martinez Barajas
5 Martinez Hedges
6 Yamamoto Barajas
7 Yamamoto Barajas
8 Yamamoto Barajas
  Total Awarded This Event: $1,269