champs Josh Mabry and Dillon O'Neil with Louis Luna, Kaylee Am-Khong, and Simon Ortega

        Josh Mabry completed a dream weekend, while Dillon O'Neil was the 'playoff MVP', in exciting Southern California Conference JBT action at Morongo Casino and Resort's Canyon Lanes.

        After qualifying and a two-game 'knockout' round, the fields were cut to the top 6, where the rest of event was run ala the NFL playoffs.  In the scratch division, Ryan Lee blasted the tournament high game of 279 to defeat Tim Hill's 165, and Josh Mabry beat Anthony Schanen 201-166 to win the 'wild card' round.  The 1 and 2 seeds came in, and unfortunately for them, each got upset, as Lee beat Leoj Chin 226-150, and Mabry threw a clutch tenth frame double to oust top seed Louis Luna 177-174. 

        Lee was thrilled to stop his string of third place finishes, but would only be satisfied with that elusive title.  Titles had eluded Mabry his whole career until yesterday when he broke through for his first win, and now that the ice is broken he might be unstoppable, as he defeated Ryan for the title and the sweep of the weekend's scratch events! 

        In the handicap division wild card matches, Simon Ortega ousted previous day's champ Aislinn Lubag, and Dillon O'Neil escaped from 8 year-old Raeden Pimentel in a 202-201 thriller.  The top two seeds then came in and suffered the same fate as the scratch ones, as top seed Dawson Reese fell to Ortega, and O'Neil rolled past Tanner Ferguson, to set up another 5 vs 3 seed title game.  The finale was controlled by O'Neil, who defeated a fine effort from Ortega for his third career JBT title.

        Luna got some revenge by beating qualifying leader Israel Ramirez for the day's U17 subdivision win.  Priority Girls Scratch was claimed by Kaylee Am-Khong, who beat Renee Gentry for her second win of the season.

        The Super Bowl score contest's free entry was won by Justin Phillips, who came closest to the final score with a 42-38 Eagles prediction.   The prop bet contest (See details below) had four people get all the answers right, and in the random draw, Kaylee am-Khong came out the winner, also earning a free entry.

        Huge thanks as always to MSC for a major contribution to the day's prize fund, which allowed over $3,200 to be awarded on the weekend.  Thanks also to Norris and the crew at Canyon for being great hosts as always, and to everyone for attending.  Want in on the fun for all ages and averages?  Just come on down to the next JBT event, it's as easy as that!   

Canyon- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Joshua Mabry $300
2 Ryan Lee $150
3 Louis Luna $95
4 Leoj Chin $95
5 Anthony Schanen $30
6 Tim Hill  
7 Israel Ramirez  
8 Solomon Salama  
9 Zach Rapp  
10 Miguel Meraz  
11 David Schneider $44
12 Allex Zieg  
13 Kevin Banaag $15
14 Kyle Reed $29
15 Matt Green  
16 Kyle Gilbert  
17 Gael Egana  
18 Garrett Lee  
19 Clifford Baltazar  
20 Zack Long  
21 Harley Sweigart  
22 Marc Villalobos  
23 Kaylee Am-Khong $50
24 Austin Sugarman  
25 Josh Fearing  
26 Nolan Am-Khong  
27 Renee Gentry $25
28 Trevyr Geronimo   
29 Shane Howard  
  Handicap Division  
1 Dillon O'Neil $400
2 Simon Ortega $175
3 Dawson Reese $170
4 Tanner Ferguson $115
5 Aislinn Lubag $119
6 Raeden Pimentel $50
7 Brandon Lim $40
8 James McGough $45
9 Emily Cheesman $20
10 William Robbins  
11 Elias Luna  
12 Yairi Lubag $73
13 Justin Redfield  
14 Tyler Handa  
15 Clifford Robbins  
16 Adrian Yamanoha  
17 Elias O'Hollaren  
18 Braeden Phillips  
19 Cameron Criss  
20 Connor Steelmon-Hill  
21 Kyle Perry  
22 Caleb Rothstein $34
23 Nathan Chambers  
24 Yael Salama  
25 Erik Hagen  
26 Justin Phillips Jr $15
27 Hailey Shepherd $20
28 Haylee Carlos  
29 Madison Wellman  
30 Dewine Moore Jr  
31 Peter Ruiz  
32 Kendall Bollea $30
33 Preston Carrasco  
34 Lathan Chin  
35 Autumn Barnes  
36 Lindsay Greim  
37 Kaitlynn Martin  
38 Secilia Kalvelage  
39 Brian Erickson  
40 Daniel Soperanez  
41 Ethan Chambers  
42 Jace Barnes  
43 Krystopher Martin  
44 Robert Coulon  
45 Jacob Heitmann  
46 Manuel Gonzalez  
47 Mark Walden  
48 Gerald Griffin  
49 Ryland Pimentel  
50 Emily Schrider  
51 Zach Greim  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Lee 279 K Martin 261
2 Salama 269 Y Lubag 252
3 L Luna 268 Ferguson 250
4 Ramirez 258 B Lim 247
5 K Gilbert 258 Y Lubag 245
  High Female  
1 Am-Khong -167*  
2 Gentry -185  
3 Carlos -209  
4 Shepherd -248  
5 Cheesman -271  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Ramirez +154 Redfield +99
2 Luna +138 Y Lubag +95
3 Salama +65 O'Neil +88
1 Ramirez +154  
2 Luna +138*  
3 Salama +65  
4 Chin +47  
5 Zieg/Reese +5  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Ramirez B Lim
2 Ramirez Y Lubag
3 Ramirez O'Neil
4 Ramirez Y Lubag
5 Ramirez Redfield
  Total Awarded This Event: $2,089

Super Bowl Score free entry winner: Justin Phillips (predicted 42-38 Eagles)

Prop Bet contest answers:

1) winning team score (41) or Ryan Lee's strikes (33):  winning team's score

2) turnovers doubled (4) or Solomon's opens (4): tie

3) Nick Foles passing yards: (400+) or Gael Egana's high game (203):   Foles yards

4) jersey number of first scorer (3) or Lindsay Greim's second frame score (17):  Lindsay's score

5) which JBT champ wins the Super BOWL rolloff:  Handicap (Dillon def. Josh)

Best totals: all four by Josh Mabry, Justin Phillips, Kaylee Am-Khong, Madison Wellman.  Winner by random draw: Kaylee Am-Khong