scratch champs Nick Devlin & Zach Wojciechowski; handicap champs JJ & Jayden Martinez & runners-up George Sandoval II and III

        Two teams took different routes to the title in exciting action at the JBT NM-TX Conference Doubles Classic, hosted by Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho.

        Nick Devlin and Zach Wojciechoswki began a climb up the scratch division stepladder finals with a strike filled 265-259 win over the Colorado team of Cody Hanson and Dale Coffee.  Zack and Nick were one pin worse the next game, but that was plenty for a 264-202 win over John Keller and Elizabeth Romero.  The semifinal was a thriller, as Will Davis got the first hit but not the second one he needed, and Devlin and Wojo escaped 220-217 over Davis and Ken Clayton to get to the title match.

        Top seeds Harley Sweigart and Marty Bedford cruised to the lead, thanks in big part to Harley being by far the individual leader of the day, highlighted by a 299 game in qualifying.  However, all the carry they had enjoyed evaporated in the finale, and as a result Nick and Zach had an unexpected cruise in a 232-194 win, good for the 8th and 24th titles of their JBT careers respectively.

        The brother duo of Bryce and Brandon Jensen began the handicap division stepladder finals with a 237-186 win over Dale Case and Christina Ward.  The father-son team of George Sandoval II and III then escaped with a 225-219 round two victory.  The Houdinis did it again in the semifinals, squeezing by Angela and Ronnie Romero 164-160 to advance to the title game.

        Another father-son team, Jayden and JJ Martinez, took over the tournament with a big matchplay set.  There would be no escape act for the Sandovals this time, as Jayden and JJ both remained strong in the title game, winning 203-179 for their first career JBT titles.

        Big thanks to Steve Mackie and the team at Tenpins for another great job hosting our Tour.  Over $2,600 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all ages and averages- want in on the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down to the next JBT event, that's all you have to do!

NM-TX Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler prize bowler prize total
1 Zach Wojciechowski $400 Nick Devlin   $400
2 Harley Sweigart $212 Marty Bedford   $212
3 Will Davis $186 Ken Clayton   $186
4 John Keller   Elizabeth Romero $140 $140
5 Cody Hanson $100 Dale Coffee   $100
6 Deo Benard $12 Rick Benard   $12
7 Donius Jeffries II   Robert Barteau    
8 Ben Stedman   JD Nance    
9 Jonah Seawright $35 Jacob Gill   $35
10 Carson Opela   Demos Quintana    
11 Blayne Hurst   Tyler Albracht    
12 Kyle Salazar   Brandon Jaramillo $15 $15
13 Chris Payne   Tylor MacPhee $19 $19
14 Justin Medina   Angel Ortega    
15 Cole Poswiatowski   Billy Grant    
16 Aileen Linares   Dana Miller-Mackie    
17 Stephen Poswiatowski   Benjamin Groves    
18 Paul Yoder   Michael Yoder    
19 Corey Haught*   Dennis Helmick    
20 Jake Helmick   Josh Helmick    
21 Jacob Marquis   Richard Marquis    
22 Joey MacPhee   Brandyn MacPhee    
  Handicap Division        
rank bowler prize bowler prize total
1 Jayden Martinez $543 JJ Martinez   $543
2 George Sandoval III $250 George Sandoval II   $250
3 Angela Romero $200 Ronnie Romero   $200
4 Brandon Jensen $75 Bryce Jensen


5 Dale Case $50 Christina Ward $50 $100
6 Kallista Fritts $80 Duane Fritts   $80
7 Barbara Martinez   Jay Heffer $80 $80
8 Josh Demick   Land Matthies    
9 William Robbins II   William Robbins III    
10 Autumn Vigil   Daniel Zelic    
11 Montana Cdebaca $45 Morgan Ellis   $45
12 Clifford Robbins   Kyle Perry $60 $60
13 Yarelis Alvarez   Byron Alvarez    
14 Hunter Newport   Brayden Clark    
15 Carley Haught   Corey Haught    
16 Katie McNeil   Kelly McNeil    
17 Luis Garcia   Thomas Huerta    
18 Gennamarie Martinez   Paul Carper    
19 James McClung   Luke McClung    
20 Paul Rieger $29 Joseph Rieger $41 $70
21 Lauren Jaramillo   Austin Eddington    
22 Kara Thompson   Jordan Weber    
23 James Huebner   Andy Huebner    
24 Alex Harmon   Ronny Davis    
25 Mariano Garcia   Nathan Ngyuen    
26 Manny Rivera   Jerry Smith    
27 Brian Erickson   David Erickson    
28 Kloey Kielich   Karl Kielich    
29 Eric Carriga   Michal Jamael    
30 Eric Gauna   Matt Smith    
31 Josie Herson   Tammy Luna    
32 Conner Ziska   Taylor Ross    
33 Alex Thompson   Don Thompson    
34 Taylor Herson   Cassie King    
35 Stephen Poswiatowski*   Matt Ross    
36 Toby Cdebaca   Sara Vargas    
37 Marc Herson   Josie Herson*    
38 Gerilynn Delegarito   Geri Delegarito    
39 Christopher Sanders   Marcus Sanders    
  High Games        
1 Sweigart 299        
2 Sweigart 283        
3 Hanson 275        
4 Hanson 275        
5 Opela 268        
  Sweigart 268        
1 Heffer 308        
2 Sandoval 285        
3 Jayden Martinez 277        
4 L Garcia 271        
5 Jordan Weber 266        
  Qualifying Leaders        
1 Benard-Benard +353        
2 Davis-Clayton +307        
3 Sweigart-Bedford +196        
1 Martinez-Martinez +208        
2 Sandoval-Sandoval +177      
3 Martinez-Heffer +173        
  Round Leaders        
1 Benard-Benard        
2 Benard-Benard        
3 Benard-Benard        
4 Benard-Benard        
5 Sweigart-Bedford        
6 Benard-Benard        
7 Sweigart-Bedford        
1 Newport-Clark        
2 Martinez-Heffer        
3 Martinez-Heffer        
4 Martinez-Martinez        
5 Martinez-Martinez        
6 Martinez-Martinez        
7 Martinez-Martinez