champs Tyler Coates & Alejandro Moser-Hernandez with Reagan Lorey, Paul Rosales, Michael Strothman, Hunter Bower, & Isaac Mailkoff

        Tyler Coates claimed his first scratch title, while Alejandro Moser-Hernandez just keeps on winning in handicap, in exciting JBT Pacific Northwest Conference action at Longview's Triangle Bowl. 

        After five qualifying games, bowlers moved on to the 'pick your survivor' format, with the low bowler eliminated on each pair game by game, and those pairs chosen by the higher seeded players. Hunter Bower continued his great bowling at Triangle by cruising to the top scratch seed, and then getting by all his matches, including a 188 semifinal game that moved him on to the title match.  Meanwhile Tyler Coates was getting stronger each game, and blasted a 236 on the challenging pattern to also advance, while John Malone bowed out in third with 154, still his highest career scratch finish.

        As well as Hunter bowled all weekend, a victory eluded him, and unfortrunately for him it would continue to do so.  Coates came out firing in the title game, and last season's handicap division Bowler of the Year completed his transition into scratch with a brilliant 235-152 win, and his first scratch division JBT title.

        The handicap division was carved from 15 down to three survivors, and in that penultimate match which featured all three bowlers in the top five in points, Moser-Hernandez and Michael Strothman advanced, while points leader Paul Rosales bowed out in third.  Down to the final two, both bowlers rolled well, but it was Alejandro, who has been successful at many events around the Northwest this season, add another JBT title to his career with a 224-207 win over Strothman. 

        Regan Lorey continued her dominant season in the Prioirty Girls Scratch subdivision with a win over Andi Valdez.  A very entertaining U17 finale saw Isaac Mailkoff defeat Hunter Bower 235-230. 

        Beau and his staff at Triangle are so great for tournament bowling, and we appreciate the opportunity to visit once again!  If you want in on all this fun, just check out our schedule and come on down!

Triangle Bowl- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Tyler Coates $250
2 Hunter Bower $278
3 John Malone $75
4 Jake Mullen $65
5 Makana Wong $40
6 Ashton Yamasaki $30
7 Tyler Boe $28
8 Tommie McNeal  
9 Bradley Baltazar  
10 Jacob Frazier  
11 Aaron Althoff  
12 Jerry Jennings  
13 Isaac Richardson $5
14 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson  
15 Andi Valdez-Hicks $25
16 Reagan Lorey $50
17 Aidghan Ziegler  
18 Brooklyn Boudreau  
19 Elijah Chin  
20 Payton Edwards  
21 Christopher Lippy  
22 Preston Craig  
  Handicap Division  
1 Alejandro Moser-Hernandez $200
2 Michael Strothman $100
3 Paul Rosales $60
4 Isaac Mailkoff $40
5 Lohrghan Ziegler $30
6 Alex Perini $20
7 Tyler DeLorm  
8 Ryan Smerud $73
9 Colt Jance  
10 Cosmo Castellano  
11 Andrew Martin $45
12 Aiden Wong  
13 Payton Bower $15
14 Aubrey Harding $15
15 Silas LeBlanc  
16 Jonathan Lorey  
17 Bryan Zeutenhorst $15
18 Hunter Setera  
19 Lailani Wallin $15
20 Olivia Kolppa  
21 Jessica Holbrook  
22 Hannah Johnson  
23 Ben Heisler  
24 Hilary Zuniga  
25 Anna Gatlin  
26 Derek Haight  
27 Logan Setera  
28 Shannon Bliquez  
29 Paul LeMay  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Bower 268 Castellano 260
2 Coates 265 Mailkoff 258
3 Baltazar 258 H Setera 255
4 Frazier 245 Castellano 255
5 Bower, Mullen 245 L Ziegler 253
  Girls scratch side event  
1 Valdez -108  
2 Lorey -114*  
3 Boudreau -157  
4 Kolppa -169  
5 Holbrook -195  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Bower +181  
2 Mailkoff +43  
3 Coates +33  
4 Fazier +25  
5 Malone +9  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Frazier / Bower Kolppa
2 Frazier    L Ziegler
3 Bower DeLorm
4 Bower Mailkoff
5 Bower Mailkoff