champs Tyler Boe & Jaadyn Humphries; Simon Dyck, Ashton Yamasaki, Aiden Wong, Colt Jance, Mackenzie Theophilus


        Tyler Boe wrapped up an amazing JBT career with a major win, while Jaadyn Humphries kickstarted his own young career with a victory, as champions of the 2019 JBT Pacific Northwest Invitational, hosted by Longview's Triangle Bowl.

        After qualifying, 11 survivors joined five exempt players to bowl triple elimination matcplay until only one survivor stood.  In the scratch division, six bowlers remained after seven rounds, and in round eight #3 Boe handed top qualifier Ashton Yamasaki (who blasted 296 earlier) his second loss, #9 Simon Dyck eliminated #5 Isaac Mailkoff, and #8 Duncan Whitaker eliminated #6 Jerry Jennings.  With four now left, Dyck beat Boe to stay alive, while Yamasaki eliminated Whitaker, who wrapped up an impressive June in fourth.  That gave Boe a bye, while Dyck eliminated Yamasaki in third, leaving him to face Boe again in a one game title match.  In that game, despite big scores the last few rounds, Simon could not get zeroed in, and the veteran Boe took advantage for the win.  It's his ninth JBT title, and a storybook ending for the last bowler to be active who bowled our first season of Pac NW events.  

        In the handicap division, six survivors were suddenly narrowed to three as Aiden Wong eliminated Noah Sicard, Humphries stopped Mackenzie Theophilus, and Colt Jance eliminated previous day's champion and top seed today Joshua Iverson.  That gave Aiden a bye, and when Jaadyn eliminated Jance, that left a scenario with he and Wong both with only one loss, forcing a head to head, two of three match for the title.  Humphries won the first game, and in the middle of the second, Aiden's sore thumb finally gave out.  He bravely finished the game no-thumb and managed to keep it close, but Jaadyn pulled ahead to win game two and the title.  He (and Boe) earned $1,000 for the win, and his second career JBT title.

        The subdivisions played for big bucks too.  Mackenzie Theophilus beat Jessica Holbrook for the Girls Scratch title, and Ashton Yamasaki edged Hunter Bower for the U17 crown, each picking up $200 prizes for the wins. 

        The top 20 in points now move on to the TPC in Henderson, competing for $2,000 top prizes.  Huge thanks to Beau and Triangle for their usual great hosting job, all our sponsors, and every family who takes the time to bowl with us.  Season 24 starts in August, be loking for full schedules soon! 


Pac NW Invitational- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Tyler Boe $1,037
2 Simon Dyck $515
3 Ashton Yamasaki $514
4 Duncan Whitaker $150
5 Isaac Mailkoff $125
6 Jerry Jennings $100
7 Jacob Mullen  
8 Paul Rosales  
9 John Malone  
10 Tommie McNeal $50
11 Hunter Bower $50
12 Bud Sicard  
13 AJ Hooper  
14 Lohrghan Ziegler  
15 Tyler Coates $50
16 Jacob Frazier  
17 Jessica Holbrook $65
18 Brian DeLuisa-Amderson  
19 Ryan Smerud  
20 Andrew Martin  
21 Michael Strothman  
22 Payton Edwards  
23 Makana Wong  
24 Tyler Denune  
25 Evan Smith  
26 Kyle Adams  
27 Cosmo Castellano  
28 Brooklyn Boudreau $5
29 Ethen Maxwell  
  Handicap Division  
1 Jaadyn Humphries $1,000
2 Aiden Wong $500
3 Colt Jance $265
4 Joshua Iverson $150
5 Noah Sicard $125
6 Mackenzie Theophilus $300
7 Lailani Wallin $56
8 Aubrey Harding $50
9 Bryan Zeutenhorst  
10 Kierra Wilcox  
11 Do Hoon Kwon  
12 Ben Heisler   
13 Carter Humphries $28
14 Silas LeBlanc $50
15 Guillermo Castaneda  
16 Dalton Mason  
17 Anna Gatlin  
18 Trevor Wodesky  
19 Sienna Stoner  
20 Kailee Wilcox  
21 Matthew Lennox  
22 Cadin Cervine  
23 Lucas Le Blanc  
24 Payton Bower  
25 Jonathan Lorey  
26 Hilary Zuniga  
27 Ruth Magana  
28 Hannah Hamilton $5
29 Mary Sicard  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Yamasaki +226 Iverson +179
2 McNeal +116 N Sicard +169
3 Boe +99 Wallin +119
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Yamasaki 296 Theohilus 283
2 Jennings 279 Harding 265
3 Dyck 279 Iverson 264
4 Dyck 278 Iverson 261
5 6 tied with 269 Jance 261
  Girls Scratch Invitational
1 Holbrook -39  
2 Theophilus -100*  
3 Lorey -125  
4 Smith -136  
5 Harding -153  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Yamasaki +226*  
2 Bower +87  
3 Malone +54  
4 Coates -2  
5 B Sicard -27  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Yamasaki Iverson
2 Dyck Castaneda
3 Yamasaki Castaneda
4 Yamasaki Iverson
5 Yamasaki Iverson