champs Tyler Boe & Hilary Zuniga; Tyger Miller, Ashton Yamasaki, Evan Smith, Abbie Kay

        Tyler Boe and Hilary Zuniga claimed JBT titles in Pacific Northwest Conference action at the beautiful Kingpins Portland.

        Bowlers competed in the exciting 'rising tide' format, where the lowest total pinfall bowlers are eliminated game by game, more every game, until the 'tide' washes away all but the champion.   Twelve scratch semifinalists were carved down in six, and with four bowlers eliminated that round, it was anyone's game.  Previous day's champion Tyger Miller stayed ahead of the field, while Tyler Coates used a huge game, and its lifeline bonus, to pull even with Tyler Boe and force a rolloff to advance.  On a brutal lane pattern, each Tyler came up with two solid strikes, before Boe stopped Coates 10-9 on the third try, getting an ovation for both and a trip to the finals for Boe.

       Miller was looking to match Ashton Yamasaki's feat from last month of sweeping the weekend, but could not find the look on the championship pair.  Tyler, Meanwhile, got a late string to beat Tyger and earn the sixth title of his JBT career.

       Hilary Zuniga and Abbie Kay, the only bowlers 'plus' after eight games, held on to their top two spots in the final rising tide round to advance and play for the title.  Kay, in her debut JBT weekend, was hoping to bet her runner-up performance from the day before, but could not make up the handicap difference she was giving to Zuniga.  Hillary filled frames and stayed ahead, claiming her second career JBT title with the win over Kay.

        Yamasaki backed up his 4th place finish with a U17 win over Andrew Martin, blasting the high game of the whole tournament, a front-eight, 278 effort.  Evan Smith made it four-for-four to open the Priority Girls scratch subdivision, beating Kay in that finale. 

        Big thanks to the team at Kingpins for hosting our Tour.  Want in on the most fun and excitement for all ages and averages?  Just check out the JBT schedule and come on down! 

Kingpins- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Tyler Boe $264
2 Tyger Miller $125
3 Tyler Coates $75
4 Ashton Yamasaki $79
5 Andrew Martin $50
6 Hunter Bower $14
7 Isaac Mailkoff  
8 Makana Wong  
9 Ethen Maxwell $28
10 Evan Smith $50
11 Michael Strothman  
12 Alejandro Moser-Hernandez  
13 Carlos Serrano  
14 John Malone  
15 Tyler Denune  
16 AJ Hooper  
17 Simon Dyck  
18 Liam Hardman  
19 Jacob Frazier  
20 Alex Perini  
21 Payton Edwards  
22 Aidghan Ziegler  
23 Cosmo Castellano  
24 Lohrghan Ziegler  
25 Brian DeLuisa-Anderson
26 Sam Gritzke  
27 Kyle Adams  
28 Jessica Holbrook  
29 Samantha Strehle  
30 Paul Rosales  
  Handicap Division  
1 Hilary Zuniga $200
2 Abbie Kay $155
3 Sienna Stoner $75
4 Kailee Wilcox $60
5 Jackie Perrulli $50
6 Lailani Wallin $60
7 Dayton Nickolson   
8 Hannah Hamilton  
9 Kerissa Andersen  
10 Bryan Zeutenhorst  
11 Paul Lemay $30
12 Jaadyn Humphries  
13 Catherine Carver  
14 Jesse Perrulli  
15 Guillermo Castaneda  
16 Nicole Hayes  
17 Mackenzie Theophilus  
18 Joshua Iverson   
19 Madison Flatin  
20 Sam Flaisig  
21 Jonathan Lorey $14
22 Carter Humphries  
23 Aubrey Harding  
24 Derek Haight  
25 Emily Strehle  
26 Caitlin Moore  
27 Cadin Cervine  
28 Colt Jance $10
29 Dodge Miller  
30 Ben Heisler  
31 Payton Bower  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Yamasaki +19 Kay +39
2 Boe +15 Zuniga +23
3 Mailkoff -31 Stoner 0
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Yamasaki 278 Zuniga 241
2 Boe 268 J Perrulli 239
3 Coates 256 Nickolson 238
4 T Miller 243 Stoner 234
5 A Martin 235 Andersen 232
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Kay -86  
2 Smith -89*  
3 Andersen -114  
4 Stoner -230  
5 Holbrook -242  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Yamasaki +19*  
2 Martin -34  
3 Coates -71  
4 Maxwell -78  
5 Moser-Hernandez -82  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Boe Kay
2 Yamasaki Kay
3 Boe Kay
4 Boe Kay
5 Yamasaki Kay