champs Brock Bivins & Baylee Snow; Josh Williams; Abby Franklin

        Brock Bivins and Baylee Snow survived tough lane conditions to earn JBT titles in exciting Arizona Conference action at Brunswick Zone Glendale.

        High scores were the order of the day yesterday, but a tricky 'Los Angeles' pattern proved to snarl traffic to the pocket today, putting an emphasis on shotmaking and spares.  In the exciting 'super survivor' rounds, ten scratch semifinalists were carved down to four.  In that round, qualifying leader Tim Hill bowed out with the low game, while Clifford Robbins ended up in fourth based on low overall pinfall.  In the title match, Lucas Rabb, who had come all the way from a rolloff against Dawson Reese just to make the cut, was looking to avenge a runner up finish the day before.  However, Bivins took the lane out of play with accurate rockets to the pocket, and gave Rabb no chance in the second half of the game with a 212-177 win, good for the rising star's second career JBT title.

        Fourteen semifinalists in the handicap division were whittled down to five, and in that penultimate round, qualifying leader Phillip Sauve had a stumble and rolled the low game to be eliminated in third, while Kyle Lawrence and Jake Creek's lowest remaining totals landed them in fourth and fifth.   That left the ladies (and Monday night teammates) Baylee Snow and Kendall Bollea to fight it out for the title.  Snow, coming off the second highest handicap game of the whole tournament, then managed to fire the highest game of the event (221+47=268) to easily win the final, and capture a long awaited first career JBT title.

        Another direct-line player, Josh Williams, beat Bivins for the U17 subdivision win, while Abby Franklin officially made herself Girls TPC eligible with a Priority Girls Scratch win over Main Event champ Aileen Linares.

        Big thanks to the team at Zone Glendale for a great job hosting our Tour after a long hiatus, we look forward to many more!  You shouldn't miss all the fun and excitement only JBT provides, and there's still time this season!  Check out our schedule and come on down!

BZ Glendale- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Brock Bivins $250
2 Lucas Rabb $139
3 Tim Hill $89
4 Clifford Robbins $50
5 Abby Franklin $64
6 Mathew Adragna  
7 Josh Molloy  
8 Cristian Roque  
9 Josh Mabry  
10 William Robbins $14
11 Dawson Reese $44
12 Kyle Perry  
13 Aileen Linares $25
14 Alex Seng  
15 Josh Fearing $25
16 Keith Ylvisaker  
17 Hunter Mayes  
18 Harley Sweigart  
19 Ryan Perry  
20 Darren Fletcher  
21 Chris Mayes $14
22 Eric Gauna  
23 Hayden Hull  
24 LaMarr Damon $100
  Handicap Division  
1 Baylee Snow $200
2 Kendall Bollea $139
3 Phillip Sauve $90
4 Kyle Lawrence $79
5 Jake Creek $40
6 Mark Sauve $29
7 Josh Williams $25
8 Alisabeth Rich  
9 Gavin Holter $30
10 Kaitlyn Hammer $15
11 Caden Meliska  
12 Michael Goodman  
13 Connor Meliska  
14 Mackenzie Hammer  
15 AJ Imperial  
16 Cesar Padilla  
17 Yael Salama  
18 CJ Todeschi  
19 Jaden Workman  
20 Emily Cheesman  
21 David Waybright  
22 Jason Gootzeit  
23 Aiden Othic  
24 Daniella LaBier  
25 Ryan Zent  
26 Noel Hernandez  
27 Zack Othic  
28 Payton Workman   
29 Michael McQuisten  
31 Austin Penne  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch  Handicap
1 Hill +7 P Sauve +62
2 Franklin -28 K Lawrence +32
3 Adragna -48 Creek -18
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Franklin 257 Snow 268
2 Rabb 235 Snow 256
3 Adragna 255 Bollea 252
4 Hill 224 Creek 235
5 Hill 224 P Sauve, M Sauve 234
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Franklin -28*  
2 Linares -140  
3 K Hammer -197  
4 Cheesman -235  
5 M Hammer -263  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Williams -51*  
2 Bivins -71*  
3 Padilla -98  
4 Reese -116  
5 Holter -161  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Bivins M Sauve
2 Franklin K Lawrence
3 Molloy K Lawrence
4 Hill K Lawrence
5 Hill P Sauve