champs Eric Hatchett & Harley Sweigart and Michael Wyman & Sonny Geronimo with finalists


        Harley Sweigart and Eric Hatchett defended their titles, while Sonny Geronimo and Michael Wyman earned their first wins, in exciting action at the JBT Mojave Doubles Classic, hosted by Texas Star Lanes.

        Zach Greim and Gael Egana began the scratch division stepladder finals with a 226-186 win over Wendy MacPherson and April McDonnell.  Greim and Egana then rolled past Sebastian Huffman and Zack Hattori 205-173 to reach the title match,

        After going 0-3 in matchplay, Gael and Zach were looking to go 3-0 in the stepladder to get the title.  Defending champs Harley and Eric had something to say about that, however.  After Sweigart's open sixth frame, the talented team struck out from there, including Harley's tenth frame double to seal an exciting 238-233 win.  It was Sweigart's 41st career JBT title, while Hatchett runs his post-career title total to 19 with the win.

        Geronimo and Wyman began a climb up the handicap stepadder with a 237-164 win over AJ Imperial and Gavin Holter.  Sonny and Michael then topped Hillari Hampton and Caleb Rothstein 231-185 to advance to the title game.

        Siblings Jason and Justyce McCoy had been brilliant all day en route to the top seed, but Geronimo and Wyman continued their unstoppable roll, cruising to a 227-181 win, and the first career JBT title for each of them.

        Big thanks to Jerry Francomano and the team at Texas for their usual flawless hosting job, as well as to all the adults and alumni who took the time to bowl with today's youth stars.  Want in on all the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, that's all there is to it!


Mojave Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division          
rank bowler prize   bowler prize total
1 Harley Sweigart $472   Eric Hatchett   $472
2 Gael Egana $100   Zach Greim $130 $230
3 Sebastian Huffman $150   Zack Hattori   $150
4 April McDonnell $100   Wendy MacPherson   $100
5 Kyle Reed $40   Zack Long $50 $90
6 Joe Gerencser     Ian Hanuscin    
7 Daryus Alo $14   Dallas Leong   $14
8 Cerell Cardines     Jeremy Cardines    
9 William Robbins     Tim Hill $15 $15
10 Skyler McGowan     Solomon Salama $20 $20
11 Joshua Abigania  $14   Ricky Pollom   $14
12 Dawson Reese     Lenny Reese    
13 Austin Sugarman     David Galvan    
14 Kyle Gilbert     Kaylee Am-Khong    
15 Makenzie Derezotes     Eric Forkel    
16 Samantha Conti     Johnny Petraglia Jr    
17 Devyn Patalina     Caleb Andrews    
18 Cordell Johnson     Nolan Sepulveda    
19 Kyle Rendon     Rick Rendon    
20 Kyle Perry     Clifford Robbins    
  Handicap Division          
1 Sonny Geronimo $200   Michael Wyman $200 $400
2 Jayson McCoy $175   Justyce McCoy $115 $290
3 Hillari Hampton $75   Caleb Rothstein $105 $180
4 AJ Imperial $80   Gavin Holter $50 $130
5 Josh Alcaraz $40   Jopfel Gafate $40 $80
6 Ryland Gregorich     Noel Gregorich $30 $30
7 Faythe Reid     Zack Gonzalez    
8 Jordan Gil     Ringo Gil    
9 Afton Lords     Calman Lords    
10 Alexiz Bustamante     Mark Lacksanamyxay $15 $15
11 Wyland Gilmore     Mark Gilmore    
12 Autumn Barnes     Jace Barnes    
13 JT Verde     John Verde    
14 Yael Salama     Brian Reed    
15 Aarin Shepard     Brandon McCoy    
16 Emi Leong     Casey Nagamine    
17 Ely Salcedo     Carlos Paez    
18 Katelyn Abigania     Avery Domaguin    
19 Josh Williams     Darren Fletcher    
20 Alayana Purdy     Steven Villanueva    
21 Lindsay Greim     Emily Cheesman $10 $10
22 Leanna Orlando     Matt Lyons    
23 Kendall Bollea     Derrick Bollea    
  High Games          
  Scratch Handicap        
1 Gerencser 269 Imperial 290      
2 Reed 262 Wyman 275      
3 Sweigart 259 Rothstein 271    
4 Reed 258 Jayson McCoy 269    
5 Egana-Huffman 252 Jayson McCoy 268    
  Round Leaders          
  Scratch Handicap        
1 W Robbins - Hill Lords-Lords      
2 Reed - Long McCoy-McCoy    
3 Sweigart - Hatchett McCoy-McCoy    
4 Egana - Greim Gregorich-Gregorich    
5 Sweigart - Hatchett McCoy-McCoy    
6 Sweigart - Hatchett McCoy-McCoy    
7 Sweigart - Hatchett McCoy-McCoy