champs Harley Sweigart & Ivan John; Yarelis Alvarez, Kloey Kielich

        Harley Sweigart completed a dream weekend, while 9 year-old Ivan John outlasted the handicap field, in exciting JBT NM-TX Conference action at Strike Gold Lanes.

        Scores were at the opposite end of the spectrum from the previous day on the tough Turnpike pattern.  Instead of near perfection every game, Sweigart ground out +60 in qualifying to earn the top seed.  Form held in matchplay with the top 4 seeds advancing to the semifinals.  In that round, Harley beat Zach Wojciechowski, while Zach Harvey got past Daniel Hall to set up the title match.  Harvey is a very talented bowler still looking for his first scratch win, but Sweigart ensured that wait would continue, as he bowled a confident game to beat Zach, sweep the weekend, and earn the 48th title of his JBT career.

        Kloey Kielich fired a big game to grab the top seed, then her personal best game (246) to beat Shaiden Raymond, then stopped previous day's champ Michael Goodman to reach the final.  On the other side of the bracket, newcomer Ivan John beat Taylor Herson, then threw a late turkey to stun Kara Thompson and get through to the final.  The title game went similarly to the previous match for John, with Kloey having the early lead but Ivan coming up with a late game double to flip things around.  In the end he held off Kloey for the title, the first of his JBT career.

        Yarelis Alvarez was unbeatable in the day's subdivisions, beating Josh Williams for the U17 win, and Elizabeth Romero for teh Priority Girls Scratch win.

        Big thanks to Ed Romero and the team at Pojoaque for another great hosting job.  Want in on all the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Strike Gold- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Harley Sweigart $425
2 Zach Harvey $125
3 Daniel Hall $75
4 Zach Wojciechowski $65
5 Yarelis Alvarez $50
6 Toby Cdebaca  
7 3lizab3th Rom3ro $25
8 Brad Harvey  
9 Christian Apolonio $29
10 Will Davis  
11 Kaitinn Joslin $29
12 Jonah Seawright  
13 Nathan Nguyen  
14 Kallista Fritts  
15 Aileen Linares  
16 Alex Harmon  
17 Quirino Sanchez  
18 Jauren Jaramillo  
19 Montana Cdebaca  
20 Eric Gauna  
  Handicap Division  
1 Ivan John $200
2 Kloey Kielich $100
3 Kara Thompson $114
4 Michael Goodman $40
5 Alex Thompson $14
6 Taylor Herson  
7 Isaac John  
8 Shaiden Raymond $29
9 Josh Williams $15
10 Meah Alvarado-McDonald  
11 Josie Herson  
12 Jordan Womble  
13 Angela Romero  
14 Jared Basey  
15 AJ Navarrete  
16 Michael Jamael  
17 Gabe Alvarado  
18 Faith Pinter  
19 TJ Thalman $10
20 Gerilynn Delegarito  
21 Justin Weddige  
22 Santiago Navarrete  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Z Harvey 277 Kielich 292
2 Sweigart 259 Kielich 245
3 Sweigart 259 K Thompson 236
4 Sweigart 257 Isaac John 236
5 Sweigart 247 Kielich 236
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Alvarez -36*  
2 E Romero -52  
3 Joslin -70  
4 K Thompson -94  
5 Fritts -99  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Alvarez -36*  
2 Williams -46  
3 T Cdebaca -52  
4 Davis -61  
5 Fritts -99  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Hall  S Raymond
2 Hall  T herson
3 Hall  T herson
4 Sweigart Ivan John
5 Sweigart Kielich