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THE 2019 JBT



to be held

Thursday-Sunday July 25-28, 2019


Strike Zone at Sunset Station, Henderson NV




FORMAT:  (two divisions, scratch and handicap.  The U17, Elite, and Girls Scratch TPC events run simultaneously.)


Thursday July 25:  (all Thursday events are open to anyone 21 & under, not just TPC qualifiers!)

Noon:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 1, lane condition #1                   (Entry only $20 per squad- enter

2 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 2, lane condition #1                    one or both- any ‘junior’ can bowl)

4 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 3, lane condition #1   

6 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 4, lane condition #1                   

8 PM:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 5, lane condition #1                   


Friday July 26:   (all Friday events are open to anyone 21 & under, not just TPC qualifiers!)

-          Noon:  Optional sweeper competition, squad 1, lane condition #2              (Entry only $20 per squad- enter

-          2 PM:   Optional sweeper competition, squad 2, lane condition #2              one or all- any ‘junior’ can bowl)

-          4 PM:   Optional sweeper competition, squad 3, lane condition #2 

-          6:30 PM:  Optional TOP DAWG eliminator tournament , lane condition #3  (separate prize funds for each day & Top Dawg)


Saturday July 27:

-          9 AM: All bowlers roll 5 games across 10 lanes, lane condition #1

-          2 PM: All bowlers roll 5 games across 10 lanes, lane condition #2

o    The top 60% of the field, plus the top 12 all-conference point leaders, 2018 Bowlers of the Year, & 2017 Desert Open champs, if eligible, advance to the quarterfinals (9 AM Sunday).

-          7 PM: Awards Banquet, location TBA (see reverse for details on this amazing night, doors at 7, dinner at 8)


Sunday July 28:

-          9 AM: “Consolation”: Bowl 4 games.  Top 5 scores earn scholarships, lane condition #3

-          9 AM:  Quarterfinals: 5 games matchplay, 30 pin bonus for wins, lane condition #3

o    The top twelve 15-game totals in each division advance to the semifinals.

-          1 PM:   Semifinals: 8 games matchplay, 30 pin bonus for wins, lane condition #4

-          4 PM:   Top four 23-game totals advance to stepladder finals, lane condition #4


ENTRY FEE ONLY: $100                    CHAMPION:   $2,000

                                    Runner-Up:    $1,000                         6th place: $200                      

                                    3rd place:        $   500                         7th place: $175                      

                                    4th place:        $   400                         8th place: $150                      

                                    5th place:        $   300                         9th place: $125

10th- 15th places: $100


More info at www.bowljbt.com.  Sign up and details on reverse!

Image result for factory of dreams las vegas nv    TPC CELEBRATION DINNER

at the Sunset Room at Sunset Station, Saturday July 28, doors at 7, program begins at 7:30, dinner at 8


$25 per person by 7/1/19; Limited to 180 people, reserve early!

Includes a wonderful buffet, year-end awards, our famous entertainment, and more!

Semi-formal dress encouraged for the bowlers- this will be a highlight of your JBT year!


·        All bowlers age 21 and under as of 8/1/18 may bowl the Thursday and Friday events, but the TPC itself is open to the following bowlers:

·         Bowlers who finish in the top 20 (plus ties) of an Individual Conference’s point list after the Invitationals.

·         Bowlers who finish on the top 100 (plus ties) of the All-Conference points list as of the final Invitational.

-          All bowlers must bowl the Saturday qualifying round, including bowlers who earned an ‘exemption’ by finishing in the top 12 (plus ties) of the All-Conference point list as of 7/2/19.  Exempt bowlers missing the cut to Sunday’s bowling will still qualify for Sunday, and begin with total pinfall equal to the cut score.

·         There are two divisions, scratch and handicap.  Bowlers can choose to compete in either division.  Handicap division bowlers receive 90% of 200 in all rounds. 

·         The entry fee is $100.  $2,000 is the guaranteed first place scholarship prize per division.

·         Any eligible bowler may bowl, though prepayment and/or notification of plans to enter will help us run an efficient tournament.

·    ·         DRESS / BEHAVIOR:    COLLARED SHIRTS OR BOWLING T-SHIRTS, AND EITHER SLACKS OR SHORTS OF A KHAKI MATERIAL, OR NEAT, LONG JEANS, ARE REQUIRED.  Skirts / skorts are acceptable.  No hats, tank tops, or clothing deemed offensive by the tournament director are allowed. Bowlers not conforming to dress code will not be allowed to bowl the semifinal round, without exception.  There is to be no smoking during the tournament on or behind tournament lanes.  Bowlers may not smoke or drink during competition.   ANY DISPLAY OF FOUL LANGUAGE OR ABUSING EQUIPMENT will result in 1) warning, and/ or 2) penalization of JBT points, and/or 3)disqualification, subject to the sole discretion of the tournament directors.  See our expanded rules sheet or any JBT official for more on this policy.  Yes, we’ll even disqualify you at the TPC.  Dress code will be strictly enforced.

·         AVERAGES:  Bowlers will use their finishing 18-19 JBT average, 30+ games.  Bowlers with less than 30 games must use 200 or bowl scratch.  Tournament management reserves all rights to further re-rate averages as deemed fit prior to the start of the event.

·         All rules not specifically covered will follow the JBT / USBC rulebook.  The tournament director reserves all rights.  Expanded rules are available at all JBT sites, and on the website. 

HOTEL INFO:  Book rooms at Sunset Station at 888-786-7389, or online at www.sunsetstation/sclv.com/hotel, code SCIJBT9

TO RESERVE SPOTS FOR THE TPC, SIMPLY EMAIL US AT DIRECTOR@BOWLJBT.COM, OR FILL OUT FORM BELOW completely, checks made payable to JBT, PO BOX 20011, SEATTLE WA 98102.   Prepayment on our website, as always, is also available.  Visit www.bowljbt.com often for updates and everything else related to each event, and the JBT as a whole.  See you soon! 


Name__________________________________________________________  Birthdate_________________________________________


Email address(es): _________________________________________________________________________________________________


I am bowling:


_____ Thurs. Noon sweeper ($20) _______      2 PM sweeper ($20) _______   4 PM sweeper ($20);     ________. 6 PM sweeper ($20)  _______ 8 PM sweeper ($20)


_____ Fri. Noon sweeper ($20);          ________  2 PM sweeper ($20);   _______ 4 PM sweeper ($20);    _______ 6:30 PM Top Dawg ($20)


_____ the TPC ($100)     ______ banquet spots, $25 each


( You can always add/subtract events at the tournament site, as space permits )



Bowler Qualified Via: (you may have qualified via more than one method)
Abigania, Joshua Mojave Scratch Points
Abigania, Katelyn Mojave Handicap Points
Adams, Kyle Pac NW Scratch Points
Adragna, Mathew Arizona Scratch Points
Alvarez, Yarelis NM-TX Scratch Points
Am-Khong, Kaylee All-Conference Scratch Points
Am-Khong, Nolan So Cal Scratch Points
Apolonio, Christian NM-TX Scratch Points
Baltazar, Bradley Pac NW Scratch Points
Banaag, Kevin All-Conference Scratch Points
Basey, Jared NM-TX Handicap Points
Benard, Deo NM-TX Scratch Points
Bernal, Alberto All-Conference Scratch Points
Bivins, Brock Arizona Scratch Points
Boe, Tyler Pac NW Scratch Points
Bollea, Kendall Arizona Handicap Points
Bower, Hunter Pac NW Scratch Points
Bower, Payton Pac NW Handicap Points
Cardines, Cerell Mojave Scratch Points
Cassman, Lexi Mojave Handicap Points
Castaneda, Guillermo Pac NW Handicap Points
Cdebaca, Toby NM-TX Scratch Points
Cervine, Cadin Pac NW Handicap Points
Chambers, Nathan All-Conf. Handicap Points
Cheesman, Emily Arizona Handicap Points
Chin, Leoj All-Conference Scratch Points
Coates, Tyler Pac NW Scratch Points
Conti, Samantha Mojave Scratch Points
Criss, Brandon So Cal Handicap Points
Criss, Cameron Mojave Handicap Points
Davis, Will NM-TX Scratch Points
Delegarito, Gerilynn NM-TX Handicap Points
DeLuisa-Anderson, Brian Pac NW Scratch Points
Denune, Tyler Pac NW Scratch Points
Domaguin, Avery Mojave Handicap Points
Dyck, Simon Pac NW Scratch Points
Edwards, Payton Pac NW Scratch Points
Egana, Gael So Cal Scratch Points
Fearing, Josh Arizona Scratch Points
Flatin, Madison All-Conf. Handicap Points
Fletcher, Darren All-Conference Scratch Points
Franklin, Abby Arizona Scratch Points
Frazier, Jacob Pac NW Scratch Points
Fritts, Kallista NM-TX Scratch Points
Galvan, David Mojave Scratch Points
Gauna, Eric NM-TX Scratch Points
Gerencser, Joe Mojave Scratch Points
Geronimo, Trevyr So Cal Scratch Points
Gil, Jordan Mojave Handicap Points
Gilbert, Kyle All-Conference Scratch Points
Gonzalez, Manuel All-Conf. Handicap Points
Gonzalez, Zachary Mojave Handicap Points
Goodman, Michael NM-TX Handicap Points
Gootzeit, Jason Arizona Handicap Points
Greene, Miya All-Conf. Handicap Points
Greim, Lindsay Mojave Handicap Points
Greim, Zach Mojave Scratch Points
Guba, Andrew Mojave Scratch Points
Hamilton, Hannah All-Conf. Handicap Points
Hammer, Kaitlyn Arizona Handicap Points
Hammer, Mackenzie Arizona Handicap Points
Hampton, Hillari Mojave Handicap Points
Harding, Aubrey Pac NW Handicap Points
Harmon, Alex NM-TX Scratch Points
Harvey, Brad NM-TX Scratch Points
Harvey, Zachary NM-TX Scratch Points
Heisler, Ben Pac NW Handicap Points
Hernandez, Noel Arizona Handicap Points
Herson, Josie NM-TX Handicap Points
Herson, Taylor NM-TX Handicap Points
Hill, Tim Arizona Scratch Points
Holbrook, Jessica All-Conference Scratch Points
Holman, Madison All-Conf. Handicap Points
Holter, Gavin Arizona Handicap Points
Hong, Daniel So Cal Scratch Points
Hong, Stephanie So Cal Handicap Points
Huffman, Sebastian Mojave Scratch Points
Hull, Hayden All-Conference Scratch Points
Humphries, Carter Pac NW Handicap Points
Humphries, Jaadyn Pac NW Handicap Points
Hurst, Blayne NM-TX Scratch Points
Imperial, AJ Arizona Handicap Points
Iverson, Joshua Pac NW Handicap Points
Jamael, Michael NM-TX Handicap Points
Jance, Colt Pac NW Handicap Points
Jaramillo, Lauren NM-TX Scratch Points
Jennings, Jerry Pac NW Scratch Points
Joslin, Kaitlinn NM-TX Scratch Points
Kalvelage, Secilia So Cal Handicap Points
Karney, Josh Mojave Handicap Points
Kielich, Kloey NM-TX Handicap Points
Knight, Bailey Arizona Handicap Points
Kwon, Do  All-Conf. Handicap Points
Lawrence, Kyle Arizona Handicap Points
LeBlanc, Lucas All-Conf. Handicap Points
LeBlanc, Silas Pac NW Handicap Points
Lee, Garrett So Cal Scratch Points
Lee, Ryan So Cal Scratch Points
Lennox, Matthew All-Conf. Handicap Points
Linares, Aileen Arizona Scratch Points
Long, Zack Mojave Scratch Points
Lorey, Jonathan Pac NW Handicap Points
Luna, Elias So Cal Handicap Points
Luna, Louis So Cal Scratch Points
Mabry, Jadeyn All-Conf. Handicap Points
Mabry, Josh Arizona Scratch Points
Magana, Ruth All-Conf. Handicap Points
Mailkoff, Isaac Pac NW Scratch Points
Malone, John Pac NW Scratch Points
Marmolejo, Michael All-Conference Scratch Points
Martin, Andrew Pac NW Scratch Points
Martinez, Jayden NM-TX Handicap Points
Mason, Dalton Pac NW Handicap Points
Maxwell, Ethen All-Conference Scratch Points
Mayes, Chris Arizona Scratch Points
Mayes, Hunter Arizona Scratch Points
McCoy, Justyce Mojave Handicap Points
McGough, James All-Conference Scratch Points
McGowan, Skyler Mojave Scratch Points
McNeal, Tommie Pac NW Scratch Points
Meliska, Caden Arizona Handicap Points
Messenger, JD NM-TX Handicap Points
Molloy, Joshua Arizona Scratch Points
Nguyen, Nathan NM-TX Scratch Points
O'Hollaren, Elias So Cal Scratch Points
Orosco, Akayla So Cal Handicap Points
Orosco, Kyler So Cal Scratch Points
Othic, Aiden Arizona Handicap Points
Othic, Zackary Arizona Handicap Points
Padilla, Cesar Arizona Handicap Points
Perlinski, Jeremy NM-TX Handicap Points
Perry, Kyle Arizona Scratch Points
Perry, Ryan Arizona Scratch Points
Phillips, Braeden All-Conf. Handicap Points
Phillips, Silas Arizona Handicap Points
Pimentel, Raeden All-Conf. Handicap Points
Pimentel, Ryland So Cal Handicap Points
Pinter, Faith NM-TX Handicap Points
Pollom, Ricky All-Conference Scratch Points
Premeau, Max All-Conf. Handicap Points
Prioleau, Robin NM-TX Scratch Points
Purdy, Alayna Mojave Handicap Points
Rabb, Lucas Arizona Scratch Points
Raymond, Shaiden NM-TX Handicap Points
Reed, Kyle So Cal Scratch Points
Reese, Dawson Arizona Scratch Points
Reid, Faythe Mojave Handicap Points
Rich, Alisabeth Arizona Handicap Points
Rivers, Marquan All-Conference Scratch Points
Robbins, Clifford Arizona Scratch Points
Robbins, William Arizona Scratch Points
Rock, TJ Mojave Scratch Points
Rodas, Ardani All-Conference Scratch Points
Romero, Angela NM-TX Handicap Points
Rosales, Paul Pac NW Scratch Points
Rothstein, Caleb Mojave Handicap Points
Ruiz, Peter All-Conf. Handicap Points
Salama, Solomon Arizona Scratch Points
Salama, Yael Mojave Handicap Points
Sandoval, Isaiah NM-TX Handicap Points
Sasaki, Zian So Cal Handicap Points
Schanen, Anthony So Cal Scratch Points
Schenck, Cortez Arizona Scratch Points
Schrider, Emily All-Conf. Handicap Points
Seawright, Jonah NM-TX Scratch Points
Seng, Alex Arizona Scratch Points
Sepulveda, Nolan Mojave Scratch Points
Shepherd, Hailey So Cal Handicap Points
Sicard, Bud Pac NW Scratch Points
Sicard, Mary Pac NW Handicap Points
Sicard, Noah Pac NW Handicap Points
Smerud, Ryan All-Conference Scratch Points
Smith, Evan All-Conference Scratch Points
Snow, Baylee All-Conf. Handicap Points
Song, Justin All-Conference Scratch Points
Steelmon-Hill, Connor So Cal Handicap Points
Strothman, Michael Pac NW Scratch Points
Sugarman, Austin So Cal Scratch Points
Sweigart, Harley Arizona Scratch Points
Tehrani, Cyruss So Cal Handicap Points
Thalman, TJ NM-TX Handicap Points
Theophilus, Mackenzie Pac NW Handicap Points
Thompson, Alex NM-TX Handicap Points
Thompson, Kara NM-TX Handicap Points
Todeschi, CJ Arizona Handicap Points
Uribarri, Dante NM-TX Scratch Points
Villa, Maikayla So Cal Handicap Points
Wallin, Lailani Pac NW Handicap Points
Weddige, Justin NM-TX Handicap Points
Whitaker, Duncan All-Conference Scratch Points
Wilcox, Kailee Pac NW Handicap Points
Wilcox, Kierra Pac NW Handicap Points
Williams, Josh Arizona Handicap Points
Wodesky, Trevor All-Conf. Handicap Points
Wojciechowski, Zach NM-TX Scratch Points
Womble, Jordan NM-TX Handicap Points
Wong, Aiden Pac NW Handicap Points
Wong, Makana Pac NW Scratch Points
Workman, Payton Arizona Handicap Points
Yamanoha, Adrian All-Conf. Handicap Points
Yamasaki, Ashton Pac NW Scratch Points
Zent, Ryan Arizona Handicap Points
Zeutenhorst, Bryan Pac NW Handicap Points
Zieg, Allex Mojave Scratch Points
Ziegler, Lohrghan All-Conference Scratch Points
Zuniga, Hilary All-Conf. Handicap Points


2019 Celebration Dinner Reservations (as of 7/20/19):

contact us to get on the wait list

Party Number
Abigania 3
Adams 2
Alvarez 4
Bivins 4
Boe 5
Bollea 4
Bower 2
Cheesman 4
Coates 6
Conti 6
Davis 4
Dyck 2
Fearing 0
Fletcher 2
Franklin 5
Galvan 1
Goodman 5
Greim 4
Hammer 4
Harmon 4
Heisler 3
Hernandez, N 3
Hill 3
Holter 4
Huffman 2
Humphries 2
Iverson 3
Jance 2
Joslin 4
Kalvelage 3
Knight 4
Lawrence 6
Linares 4
Mabry 3
Mayes 4
McCoy 3
McGowan 1
Meliska 3
Messenger 3
Molloy 2
O'Hollaren 3
Othic 4
Rabb 2
Raymond 8
Reese 5
Reid 3
Robbins 4
Salama 4
Sicard 6
Smith, E 4
Steelmon 2
Sweigart 3
Weddige 4
Whitaker 4
Williams 5
Zent 3
Prioleau 5
Holman 3
Harvey 1 more
Uribarri 3


Helpful Notes about TPC: ("how does all this work?")

- Four different lane patterns will be used for the event.  They are not announced until Thursday of the event.  If you are traveling and need to narrow your arsenal, it's a safe bet that one pattern will be long and one short on Saturday, with the third and fourth patterns varying more on ratio than length (one 'flatter' and one more 'crowned').

- Thursday are optional sweepers, at Noon, 2, 4, 6, and 8.  They are open to anyone JBT eligible, not just TPC qualifiers.  They do not affect the outcome of the main TPC at all.   However, they will be bowled on pattern #1, the pattern for Saturday morning, so it's your only chance to bowl on that pattern prior to the actual TPC.  There is no re-oil on purpose, so you can see what the fresh looks like, and what the burn looks like.   Each squad is $20, and you can bowl as many as you like.  Each squad is three games, and 1:10 in each division after the 8 PM squad earn that day's scholarship prizes.

- Friday are optional sweepers, at Noon, 2, and 4.  They are open to anyone JBT eligible, not just TPC qualifiers.  They do not affect the outcome of the main TPC at all.   However, they will be bowled on pattern #2, the pattern for Saturday afternoon, so it's your only chance to bowl on that pattern prior to the actual TPC.  There is no re-oil on purpose, so you can see what the fresh looks like, and what the burn looks like.   Each squad is $20, and you can bowl as many as you like.  Each squad is three games, and 1:10 in each division after the 4 PM squad earn that day's scholarship prizes.

- Friday evening at 6:30 is our 'Top Dawg' event.  $20 to bowl, open to anyone, and it's on pattern #3, your only chance to see that pattern before Sunday morning at TPC.  This is an eliminator event.  Everyone bowls two games, and the top 60% of the field then moves on.  Scores are dropped, then everyone bowls one game, with the top half of the field surviving.  The same process is repeated until only one survivor, the Top Dawg, remains.  1:8 earn scholarships.  If you don't survive the first two games it goes pretty fast, and if you win we hope to be done around 10 or a little after.

- Dress is casual for all the Thursday and Friday events.  Some still wear name shirts and slacks, many don't.

- The actual TPC begins Saturday morning at 9 AM.  Check in begins at 7, please try and be checked in by 8:30.  EVERYONE bowls both Saturday morning AND afternoon, it's not pick one squad or the other.  Lanes will be re-oiled and practice is scheduled for 1:50 for the second block of five games at 2 PM.  We have been able to start the afternoon block on time in the past, so please plan lunch accordingly.

- The top 60% of each division, plus the exempt bowlers, advance to Sunday morning's quarterfinals.  If you miss the cut, you STILL bowl Sunday morning at teh same time, in the consolation event.  There is no extra charge for the consolation event.

- Bowling should be complete by about 5:30 on Saturday.  That gives you plenty of time to change, relax, and get ready for the Celebration Dinner.  The dinner is at the Sunset Room, which is on the second floor behind the diner at the start of the hallway that leads to the hotel rooms.  

- Starting Thursday morning (earlier if you catch us setting up Wednesday), you can choose your table assignment for the dinner.  Tables seat 10 each.  Table 'numbers' will be random at the dinner, so getting seats earlier does not lock in that you'll be closer to the stage.  Please check the list above to make sure you're on the list with the party size you asked for, and get on the waiting list ASAP if not.  And please let us know if your plans change and we can open up additional seats, of course.

- Doors for the event open at 7.  Our program for the event starts at 7:30 sharp.  Please try and be seated by that time.  A cash bar for adults is available- anyone under 21 drinking will be kicked off the property.   Dinner is served at 8, and then awards and shenanigans will continue after that, with the program to end around 10-10:30.  There's a lot of awards to get through, so please plan to stay through them all, so those receiving awards last still have the same full house as the earlier ones.

- Dress code is suggested to be semi-formal for the kids.  90% of the kids 'dress up' in some way, and many of the parents follow suit.  It is NOT required- don't cancel if you don't have 'fancy' stuff (plus, what Tim Hill or Clifford Robbins consider 'formal' might differ from most hehe).   Award winners will be on stage for photos, these are definite highlights of the weekend.

- Bowling resumes Sunday morning at 9 with both the quarterfinals and the Consolation event.  Check in begins at 7 with practice at 9 sharp.  Bowlers in the consolation event bowl 4 games (starting over from zero), with the top 5 finishers earning prizes, with $200 for first.   Bowlers in the quarterfinals bowl five games of matchplay, with the top 12 advancing to the semifinals.

- Lanes are re-oiled with pattern #4 during a break, and the 12 semifinalists bowl eight more games of matchplay, with the top four advancing to the stepladder finals, with the winner earning the $2,000 top prize!

- The only points awarded are quadruple all-conference finishing points (400 for first, 320 for second, etc.).  All-Conference points will be final after this, determining All-Conference Bowler of the Year and All Star Teams. 

- Please contact us with any additional questions.  We want you to have the best experience possible, so that the TPC remains the highlight of your bowling season!!