champs Will Davis & Aiden Ruiz Jimenez (back row, center) with finalists

    Will Davis and Aiden Ruiz-Jimenez showed no rust from a long break, winning titles at the JBT NM-TX regular season finale at Western Bowl in Amarillo.

    Nathan Nguyen won the scratch division stepladder finals opener 224-213 over Zach Harvey.  Nathan then edged hometown favorite John Green 186-178 to reach the title match.  Top seed Davis picked up right where he left off before the break, beating Nguyen 217-201 for the ninth title of his excellent JBT career.

    Christopher Bennett won a high scoring first round of the handicap finals 252-240 over Jordan Womble.  Ruiz-Jimemez then stopped Bennett 231-218 to advance to the title match.  Top seed Jared Basey rolled a good final game, but Aiden got red hot, firing a 284 (with pins)_ to earn his second career JBT title.

    The Girls Scratch win went to Yarelis Alvarez with a win over Morgan Ellis, and Green came up with the U17 win in an all-Amarillo final by beating Womble.

    Danielle Fincham turned out to be the biggest winner of the day, nailing the Powerbowl jackpot in exciting fashion for a cool $1,000 scholarship payday!

    Big thanks to the team at Western for filling in when we were forced to relocate the event- great job!  Top bowlers now advance to the NM-TX Invitational, featuring $1,000 for first place. 

Western Bowl- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Will Davis $293
2 Nathan Nguyen $125
3 John Green $75
4 Zach Harvey $78
5 Alek Rakov  
6 Brock Bivins  
7 Blayne Hurst  
8 Brad Harvey  
9 Yarelis Alvarez $50
10 Alex Harmon $28
11 Donius Jeffires  
12 Toby Cdebaca  
13 Morgan Ellis $25
14 Montana Cdebaca  
15 Aileen Linares  
16 Danielle Fincham $1,000
17 TJ Thalman $10
18 Kolton Carpenter  
19 Wesley Carlock  
20 Kallista Fritts  
21 Justin Weddige  
22 Kara Thompson $14
  Handicap Division  
1 Aiden Ruiz-Jimenez $274
2 Jared Basey $115
3 Christopher Bennett $104
4 Jordan Womble $75
5 Ian Silva $65
6 Michael Goodman $15
7 Jaxon Wichers $30
8 Trip Campbell $14
9 Shaiden Raymond  
10 Chris Woolsey  
11 Eric Gauna  
12 Elliot Varela  
13 Kendall Bollea  
14 Danny Harbin Jr  
15 Harlee Wilson  
16 Lane White  
17 Harper Schmidt  
18 Faith Pinter  
19 AJ Navarrete  
20 Miya Greene  
21 Kloey Kielich  
22 JoJo Parker  
23 Angela Romero  
24 Alex Thompson  
25 Devin Fincham $5
26 Gerilynn Delegraito  
27 Santi Navarrete  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Davis 273 Delegaroto 278
2 B Harvey 246 K robinson 277
3 Alvarez 245 Gauna 272
4 Green 238 Ruiz-Jimenez 262
5 3 tied with 234 S Navarette 259
  Girls Scratch side event  
1 Alvarez +69  
2 M Ellis -109  
3 M Cdebaca -151  
4 Linares -167  
5 Da. Fincham -170  
  U-17 scratch side event  
1 Green +74  
2 Womble +46  
3 Bennett +13  
4 T Cdebaca -82  
5 Da. Fincham -170  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Z Harvey +126 Bennett +218
2 Nguyen +124 Ruiz-Jimenez +187
3 Green +74 Basey +168
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Hurst S Raymond
2 Rakov Basey
3 Nguyen Basey
4 Nguyen Ruiz-Jimenez
5 Z Harvey Bennett
6 Z Harvey Ruiz-Jimenez
7 Z Harvey Basey
8 Davis Basey








This event is officially moved to Western Bowl, Noon (Central) start time, back to one qualifying squad.  Please RSVP that you got notice of this change, and if you're still coming (or not).  Spread the word!

Date: Saturday, June 20, 2020

Start Times: 12 Noon (central time).   Please contact us at director@bowljbt.com to reserve a spot.  Please visit the website and facebook often for any updates.

Max bowlers: 80.  This number may adjust as covid restrictions change.  Please email director@bowljbt.com to reserve a spot.  You can prepay (not required) at the 'Sign Me Up!' section of this website.  Reservations (paid or unpaid) must check in no later than 30 minutes before start time.  At that time, all bowlers will be taken on a first come, first serve basis until the field is full.

This is a one day event.  This is your last chance to qualify for or improve your position in the following day's NM-TX Invitational.  You get in the Invitational by finishing in the top 4 in TWO NM-TX Conference events this season, or by being in the top 32 in the season-long NM-TX Conference points.  **If you were in position to qualify for the Invitational as of the COVID stoppage, your Invitational spot is secure.  You can still 'jump into' the Invitational pending the results of this event.  Points are updated after this event as soon as possible; check the website for this update if you hope to qualify via points. 

Divisions:  Scratch or handicap.  It is the bowlers' choice of division.  Also, everyone age 16 or under as of 8/1/19 is automatically entered in the U-17 side event.   Also, every female is automatically entered in the Girls Scratch side event. 

Points:  This event counts for double NM-TX and All-Conference points.

Entry fee: $40 handicap; $50 scratch.  Scholarship brackets are available for $2 each.  Raffle tickets for Ebonite bowling balls, and our PowerBowl and 24 jackpots, are available on-site. 

Scholarships: 1:6 in each division earn scholarships, scratch and handicap.  Minimum prizes in scratch are $250, $125, $75, $50.  In handicap, $200, $100, $60, $40.  Bowlers must finish in the top 4 twice in a conference to qualify for that conference's Invitational, which features $1,000 for first place.  Bowlers who finish in the top 20 in a conference's points race, or the top 100 in all-conference points, qualify for the Touring Players Championship, featuring $2,000 for first.

Lane conditions: conditions vary from event to event, and are not posted prior to the event (unless otherwise announced).  Some events do not post the pattern until after qualifying.  Be ready for anything- it makes you a better bowler!  Check out previous patterns and corresponding cut scores at the 'lane conditions' section of this website.

RESERVED BOWLERS (from the Silva list):

entry bowler still coming?
1 Alvarez, Y  yes
 2 Basey, J yes
3 Bennett, C yes 
4 Bivins, B  yes
5 Bollea, K  yes
6 Cdebaca, M  yes
7 Cdebaca, T yes
8 Davis, W  yes
9 Delegarito, G yes
10 Ellis, M  yes
11 Fincham, D yes
12 Fincham, D yes
13 Fritts, K yes
14 Gauna, E  yes
15 Goodman, M  yes
16 Green, J yes
17 Greene, M  yes
18 Harmon, A yes
19 Harvey, B  yes
20 Harvey, Z yes
21 Herson, J no
22 Herson, T no
23 Hurst, Blayne yes
24 Kielich, K yes
25 Linares, A yes
26 MacPhee, T no
27 Navarrete, AJ  yes
28 Navarrete, S yes
29 Nguyen, N  yes
30 Opela, Carson ?
31 Perlinski, Jeremy no
32 Rakov, A  yes
33 Raymond, S  yes
34 Romero, A  yes
35 Ruiz-Jimenez, A yes
36 Saul, N  no
37 Schmidt, Harper  yes
38 Seawright, J no
39 Silva, Ian  yes
40 Thalman, TJ  yes
41 Thompson, A yes
42 Thompson, K yes
43 Todacheenie, X ?
44 Uribarri, D no
45 Varela, E yes
46 Weddige, J  yes
47 WIlliams, J no
48 Wojciechowski, Zach yes
49 Womble, J yes
50 Redfearn, Holly yes
51 Pinter, Faith yes
52 Wichers, Jaxon yes
53 White, Lane yes
54 Woolsey, Chris yes
55 Campbell, Trip yes
56 Carpenter, Kolton yes
57 Wilson, Harlee yes
58 Carlock, Wesley yes
59 Harbin, Danny Jr yes