Ever won?  NEVER won?  Doesn’t matter! Bowl in the JBT’s:



Sunday June 25, 10 AM at

Let It Roll, Phoenix AZ


2022 champions and finalists

* The T of C is open to anyone of any age who EVER won a JBT event

* The T of Non-C is open to anyone JBT eligible who hasn’t yet won a JBT event

***new this year, you must have won in that division to bowl in the champs event in that division (or vice versa)  Example: If you won a handicap title, but want to bowl this event in scratch, you'll bowl as a scratch non-champion.


* $500 minimum for first, each division in the T of C!

* $250 minimum for first, each division, in the T of non-C!* Scratch and Handicap, adult and ‘junior’ unlimited brackets!



ENTRY FEE:           $60                                                    

-SCRATCH AND HANDICAP DIVISIONS!                                 

-Scratch and handicap, adult and junior brackets                    

-EBONITE BALL RAFFLE AT THIS AND ALL                             

  2022-23 JBT EVENTS!         


Prepaying not necessary but you may at our website, or scan this QR code to use Venmo:    .



 - 5 games across 10 lanes

 - top 50% (max 24) bowl 3 games of matchplay

 - top 4 bowl stepladder finals

  - plaques to top 4


To reserve spots, email director@bowljbt.com. Complete info at www.bowljbt.com

Limited to 120 bowlers.  JBT bowlers use 22-23 JBT average, all others use highest 22-23 15+ game average, verification required for handicap.  All other JBT rules apply.  Walk-ins OK as space permits.. Please help us spread the word to our JBT alumni.  We'll see you there, don't miss it!



This reservation is an expectation that you will be bowling.  PLEASE do not forget to contact us if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation.  Repeated 'no-shows' may result in you not being able to reserve a spot.  This list may not be updated after the Friday of the event as we travel, etc.  However, walk-ins / late entries are still gladly accepted as space permits.  There is generally plenty of room for walk-ins / late entries, and we'll  post here clearly if an event is nearing sellout or sold out.

***new this year, you must have won in that division to bowl in the champs event in that division (or vice versa)  Example: If you won a handicap title, but want to bowl this event in scratch, you'll bowl as a non-champion.  Adults who won in handicap must bowl in the 'scratch champs' division.

no. bowler scratch champs / adult handicap champs scratch non-champs handicap non-champs
1 Todeschi, CJ x      
2 Paige, Mackenzie     x  
3 Hammer, Kaitlyn     x  
4 Knight, Bailey     x  
5 Bell, Conner       x
6 Bell, Quinten     x  
7 Bivins, Brock x      
8 Hernandez, Noel x      
9 Reid-Hirsch, Corbin     x  
10 Todacheenie, Xaden   x    
11 Padilla, Cesar x      
12 Hunt, Araceli   x    
13 Hunt, Abigail   x    
14 Sager, Cameron   x    
15 Sexton, Braxton       x
16 Espinoza, MIguel       x
17 Henry, CJ     x  
18 Bravo, Nathan       x
19 WInemiller, Lily       x
20 Winemiller, Sam   x    
21 Holzwarth, Ian       x
22 Gaines, Paityn   x    
23 Pino, Isaiah       x
24 Tidball, Nathan x      
25 Pendergrass, Conner       x
26 Pointon, RJ   x    
27 Lee, Peyton     x  
28 Barczyszyn, JR   x    
29 Kielich, Kloey   x    
30 Castronova, Tyler x      
31 Jones, Mike     x  
32 Coleman, Cameron   x    
33 Matherly, Cayden x      
34 Coates, Terrell   x    
35 Matthies, Land   x    
36 London, Abigail       x
37 Glass, Thomas       x
38 Nash, Austin     x  
39 Schmidt, Harper   x    
40 Jones, Mike   x    
41 Rother, Brandon x      
42 Guba, Andrew x      
43 Bobersky, Brendan   x    
44 Bravo, Nathan       x
45 Sibilla, Brayden   x    
46 Gootzeit, Jason   x    
47 Serafini, Madeleine       x
48 Lellos, Chris     x  
49 Verde, JT x      
50 Verde, Jon x      
51 Enright, Jakob   x    
52 Read, Jessica       x
53 Canfield, Ben x      
54 Massengale, Tasia   x    
55 Vasquez, Jacob       x
56 Mabry, Jadeyn     x  
57 Donahue, Dylan     x  
58 Castronova, Tyler     x  
59 Toberer, Asher       x
60 Alo, Daryus x      
61 Alo, Gyrus     x  
62 Ruiz-Jimenez, Aiden   x    
63 Meliska, Caden   x    
64 Burke, Joey x      
65 Holzwarth, Ian       x
66 Rosenblum, Alex       x
67 Molloy, Josh x      
68 Burke, Joey x      
69 Loss, Brandon x      
70 Berg, Rachel x      
71 Ellis, Jacob     x  
72 Keller, Grant     x  
73 Cardines, Cerell x      
74 Cardines, Jeremy x      
75 Massengale, Tasia   x    
76 Potter, Victoria   x    
77 Salazar, Brianna       x
78 Salazar, Ryker       x
79 Merrell, Drew   x    
80 Clark, Ryann   x    
81 Clark, Brenna       x
82 Zent, Ryan   x    
83 King, Jake   x    
84 DiGangi, Joshua       x
85 Ramsey, Mike x      
86 Lawrence, Thomas x      
87 Olson, Rachel x      
88 Baker, Gage     x  
89 Bollea, Kendall x      
90 Bollea, Evelynn   x    
91 Berryman, Christopher       x
92 Garrett, Matthew x      
93 John, Isaac   x    
94 John, Ivan   x    
95 Smith, Sterling       x
96 Evans, Zackary       x
97 Roque, Cristian     x  
98 Silva, Ian     x  
99 Ylvisaker, Keith x      
100 Penne, Austin x      
101 Harnit, Nicholas   x    
102 Harnit, Nathan       x
103 Snow, Mason     x  
104 Millmier, Jeff x      
105 Weyrauch, Rachel x      
106 Weyrauch, Chris x      
107 Clark, Tayler     x  
108 Massengale, Tasia   x