JBT events are unlike anything else you've ever bowled in- we offer a lot, and so there's a lot you'll need to be prepared for.  Here's the basics:

1) Check in early.  The check-in line for a JBT event starts to get long with an hour to go before start time, so we recommend checking in at least that early.  That will avoid the stress of waiting on line, and allow our staff to take the time to answer all your questions fully.  Remember to be on line to check in no later than 30 minutes before your start time, even if you are prepaid.

2)  Be dressed properly.  We have a simple dress code, but we do require that you follow it.  Collared shirts are required, or t-shirts that are specifically bowling related (for example, if your league issued t-shirts, that's okay).  Any non-ripped and clean long pants are fine, including jeans, but if you wish to wear shorts, they must be khaki or 'cargo' in nature (no jean shorts or basketball shorts).  You get a one tournament warning, then after that we will not let you bowl the semifinal round of a tournament if you're not dressed properly.  If you bowl in "PBA Dress" (a shirt with your (or your school's) name on back, and slacks / skirt), you get a bonus 10 points on your season-long points total, which can be very important! 

3) Understand how the entry fee works.  Besides the basic entry fee, we have a number of optional scholarship programs you can get in.  If you don't have a flyer on how these work, please visit the FAQ page of this website for all the details.

4) If you're bowling in the handicap division, you need to bring proof of average.  Depending on the time of year (please check through our average rule), you may need your current league average, a high school or other tournament club average, your finishing 'book' average from the previous season, your finishing summer league average, or a combination of these.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

4) Please thoroughly read through everything on the website- especially the FAQ, Rules, and previous results, to get a good feel of what we're all about- we think you'll be impressed!

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