2006 Main Event pictures

If you'd like to share some of your Main Event pictures, please email them to us anytime at bowljbt@aol.com

07 Main Event Bowers bfc.jpg (236741 bytes)

scratch champ Brent Bowers

07 Main Event champs.jpg (262112 bytes)

champs with Texas Station GM Jerry Francomano and Ebonite's Todd Zenner

07 Main Event champs and seconds.jpg (307302 bytes)

champs and runners-up

07 Main Event Henning bfc.jpg (215398 bytes)

Girls Scratch champ Kaleena Henning

07 Main Event Karpovich bfc.jpg (203169 bytes)

Handicap champ Kyle Karpovich

07 Main Event Mathews.jpg (62033 bytes)

Jeff Matthews, 288 game

07 Main Event Rubin scr.jpg (98447 bytes)

Ashley Rubin, 4th place Girls Scratch

Dukes and family.jpg (131046 bytes)

Spencer Dukes & Family

Hayashis.jpg (142934 bytes)

The Hayashis

Bonnie.jpg (174177 bytes)

Mark's dog Bonnie

Koff Sands.jpg (141323 bytes)

Andrew Koff and Trey Sands

Scorebaoards.jpg (145625 bytes)

the semifinal setup

Squad Leaders Intros.jpg (235605 bytes)

Friday morning leaders awards

anthonycruz.jpg (82626 bytes)

Anthony Cruz, squad leader

Byers.jpg (263033 bytes)

CLiff and Jeanne Byer, rafflers extraordinaire

chrisweyrauch.jpg (86196 bytes)

Chris Weyrauch, 810 series

codys.jpg (225700 bytes)

Lynn and Mike Lee on lunch break (yeah right)

justinkanda.jpg (96559 bytes)

Justin Kanda, 298 game

robynashleygood.jpg (79283 bytes)

Robyn Ashley, squad leader

scottchristensen.jpg (77885 bytes)

Scott Christensen, 299 game

shawnredd.jpg (82731 bytes)

Shawn Redd, squad leader

willjackson.jpg (70212 bytes)

Will Jackson, 290 game

ADAMSKUKERSSTEGMAN.jpg (78150 bytes)

Adam Shukers-Stegeman, 290 game

BRENTBOWERS.jpg (80877 bytes)

Brent Bowers, 827 series

CHRISDAVENPORT.jpg (113378 bytes)

Chris Davenport, 299 game

Pattys.JPG (188998 bytes)

Mike Patty and Ronnie Fujita

FRAIJO.jpg (131980 bytes)

Christina Fraijo, 7th place

JIMBOSSE.jpg (126198 bytes)

Randy Churchill Jr, 300 game

MATTERB.jpg (135304 bytes)

Matthew Erb, squad leader

MATTHEWTUCKFIELD.jpg (111506 bytes)

Matthew Tuckfield, squad leader

RANDYCHURCHILL.jpg (122328 bytes)

Jim Bosse, squad leader

craighanson.jpg (118302 bytes)

Craig Hanson, squad leader

jeremymedina.jpg (120882 bytes)

Jeremy Medina, squad leader

VALERIECALLBERRY.jpg (116272 bytes)

Valerie Calberry, squad leader

ZENNERWODKA.jpg (147590 bytes)

Ebonite's Todd Zenner and Dave Wodka

Blanchard Koff.jpg (159653 bytes)

once and future Team USA: Josh Blanchard and Andrew Koff

honorscoreguys.jpg (200054 bytes)

honor score gentlemen

Rubin H.jpg (242266 bytes)

Kirsten Sorensen, 8th place girls scratch