Below is all the information on the Main Event flyer.  If you would like the actual flyer sent to you, or a pack of flyers to distribute, email us at, and we'll get them right out!



A national scholarship tournament for junior bowlers of all ages and all averages, to be held

December 26-28, 2007 at Texas Station Bowling Center

2101 Texas Star Lane, North Las Vegas NV, 89032, (702) 631-1000

presented by our title sponsor Ebonite International, and supporting sponsors Etonic & UPS, 



Open Scratch Singles     Girls Scratch Singles        Handicap Singles       Scratch Doubles

1st- $5,000                    1st- $1,500                        1st- $2,000            1st- $1,000 / team

2nd- $3,000                    2nd- $1,000                         2nd- $1,500                    Entry Fee: $40 / team

3rd- $2,000                    3rd- $750                             3rd- $1,000             Handicap Doubles

4th- $1,500                     4th- $600                             4th- $900                1st- $1,000 / team

5th- $1,000                     5th- $500                             5th- $800                        Entry Fee: $40/team

24th- $100                      10th- $100                           18th- $100

Automatic Squad Leader Scholarship Bonuses: Open: $100; Girls: $50; Handicap: $75

Entry Fee- $100            Entry Fee: $100                  Entry Fee: $80

Pre-Paid re-entry (max 1) in all 3 singles divisions: $60

Unlimited On-Site Re-Entries allowed in Doubles





Singles (all divisions):

    - Bowl 8 games qualifying across 16 lanes in any of five squads

    - A MAXIMUM of one re-entry is allowed; your highest 8-game total counts

    - The top 78 Open Scratch, top 30 Girls Scratch, top 66 Handicap 8-game totals advance to semifinals

    - Semifinalists (December 28th, 9 AM) bowl six games of matchplay

    - The top 16 Open Scratch, top 16 Handicap, and top 8 Girls Scratch bowlers advance to the finals.

    - Finalists (December 28th, approx. 1 PM) bowl a unique stepladder finals to determine our winners!

Doubles (both divisions):

    - Bowl 3 team games on the same pair of lanes in any of seven squad times

    - The top 1:6 teams receive scholarships!

    - Unlimited re-entries are allowed on-site as space permits




            December 26:     8 AM or 1 PM (Sold Out) or 6 PM

            December 27:     8 AM or 1 PM


            December 26:     8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM (Sold Out), 7 PM (Sold Out), 9 PM

            December 27:     2 PM, on-site entry only IF space is left after singles entries are taken


            December 28:     9 AM

   Stepladder Finals:

            December 28:    1 PM (approx.)



    - Optional Singles Brackets!

    - Ebonite Staff on site all tournament long!

    - Ebonite Ball Raffles all tournament long!

    - Videotaped title matches!

    - Great JBT / Main Event merchandise available!

    - much, much, much more!!!


Over $120,000 has been awarded to bowlers of all ages and averages the last three Main Events- enter early, spread the word, and get in on the fun!!!


2007 LAS VEGAS MAIN EVENT RULES- please read VERY carefully!


1.      This tournament is open to any male or female bowler age 21 or under as of August 1, 2007 who has NEVER played in any bowling competition where cash is awarded, aside of USBC rule 400 compliant adult events.  Tournament mangement reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason.

2.      Entries are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Field size is limited in each qualifying squad and varies from squad to squad. 

3.              Entry fee: The entry fee is $100 in Open Scratch and Girls Scratch Singles ($30 linage, $61 prizes and awards, $9 expenses).  The entry fee in Handicap Singles is $80 ($30 linage, $41 prizes and awards, $9 expenses).   Singles re-entries in all divisions are $60 ($20 linage, $40 prizes and awards, $0 expenses).  Doubles entry fees are $40 per team ($13.50 linage, $25 awards, $1.50 expenses).  Awards fees returned 100%.  Full entry fee must accompany your entry form to guarantee your entry.  New this year, you may prepay for your one singles re-entry squad, which is the only way to guarantee your re-entry.

4.      Walk-in entries ARE permitted until each squad’s starting time.  One re-entry maximum is allowed in singles.  Unlimited re-entries are allowed in Doubles as space permits.  First-time entries have priority over re-entries in all squad times, until 15 minutes prior to start time.  At that time, any remaining spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Squads are expected to sell out in advance, especially in doubles, so we recommend mailing your completed entry form as soon as possible.  We strongly encourage handicap bowlers to send in payment prior to sending in your average verification, so that you may reserve your squad choice.  Average verification (see rule 15) may later be sent by fax to 1-602-795-8337, or email to

5.      Prepaid bowlers MUST check in at least 15 minutes prior to squad starting time or risk losing your spot.

6.      Personal checks from non-JBT members are only accepted until December 5, 2007.  Entries postmarked after that time, or walk-ins, must be paid by cash or bank check.  Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 fee.  Please do not mail any entries postmarked after December 15 to ensure we receive it.

7.                     There are three singles divisions: Open Scratch (boys/girls may compete), Girls’ Scratch, and Handicap (boys or girls).   There are two doubles divisions, Scratch and Handicap. Handicap is 90% of difference between bowlers average and 200 in singles, 90% of 400 in doubles.   Bowlers may only compete in one division in singles.  Doubles teams may be any combination of bowlers from any division.  Team average may not be greater than 399 in handicap division.  

8.                     CONFIRMATION IS AUTOMATIC.  Unless you hear from us, your entry has been accepted for the squad you requested.  Confirmed entries will also be posted on our website,, which we encourage you to visit often.

9.      An optional Junior Gold qualifier will be held 6 PM 12/27 (or after the 1 PM squad finishes).  Entry fee is $38 ($25 Gold spot, $13 linage, $0 expenses)  and bowlers must be a 2007-08 Gold member.  Cards will be available on-site.  1:6 entries will advance to the 2008 JNGC finals in Detroit, MI.  More information on the qualifier will be available at the tournament site, and on the website.  

10a. Singles Format:

Qualifying:  Bowlers in all divisions will roll 8 games across sixteen lanes in the qualifying round.  Bowlers who re-enter will use their highest 8-game score.  The top 78 Open Scratch, top 30 Girls Scratch, and top 66 Handicap bowlers will qualify for the semifinals.  These numbers are an equal ratio based on 2006 entries, and are adjusted on a yearly basis.

Semifinals: Bowlers will roll 6 additional games of matchplay.  Bowlers receive a 30 pin bonus for each win, and 15 for each tie.  All scores from qualifying carry forward.  The top 16 scores in Open Scratch and Handicap, and the top 8 scores in Girls Scratch after the semifinals advance to the finals.

Finals: In our modified stepladder, bowlers roll one-game elimination matches.  In round one the #10,12,14, and 16 seeds all play each other with the winner advancing, and the #9,11,13, and 15 seed all playing, with the winner advancing.   The winners play the (#5 and 7) and (#6 and 8) seeds respectively in round two.  The winners play the #3 and 4 seeds in round three.  The winners play the #1 and 2 seeds in round four, and the winners play the title match (round one is not played in Girls Scratch).

10b. Doubles Format:

Qualifying:  All teams roll 3 team games on the same pair of lanes.  This is a “beat the board” event; the highest 3 game doubles total after the final squad is the winner, with 1:6 teams receiving a scholarship prize.  Unlimited re-entries are allowed, however teams of two first-time bowlers have first priority, and teams of one new bowler have second priority.  Teams of the same two members may only cash once in handicap. 

11.    Ties: Ties for the final semifinal spot will be broken by a one game rolloff at 8 AM Dec. 28..  Ties for the final spot in the finals will be broken by a two-frame rolloff.  Ties in the finals will be broken by a one ball rolloff in scratch divisions and a two frame rolloff in Handicap division.  Ties for final positions will split any position prize money.

12.    Attire: Bowlers are requested to wear slacks (slacks or skirts / skorts for girls), and a collared shirt.  “Name shirts” or shirts promoting your local leagues / tournaments are encouraged.  Shorts are acceptable, provided they are of a khaki material.  No hats, t-shirts or sleeveless shirts, ripped or torn clothing, or clothing promoting alcohol, tobacco, or drugs may be worn.  “Mock-turtlenecks” are okay.  Directors’ decisions are final- if you’re not sure, don’t wear it!

13.    Discipline: Proper behavior is demanded of all bowlers and requested of all spectators.  Any abuse of bowling center equipment, audible obscenity, or other unbecoming conduct will result in 1) warning and/or 2) disqualification, subject to the sole discretion of tournament management.  You may not get caught every time, but if you test us, you’ll get caught eventually.  Parents are expected to set a good example and abide by the same rules.  For questions on the JBT behavior policy, visit or see any official.

14.    Scholarships: Scholarships will be awarded to at least 1:10 entrants in each division based on final standings.  Minimum amounts in each division are indicated on reverse.  Amounts on reverse are based on 2006 entries.  They are minimum guarantees but we do hope to beat those estimates.  Final results and scholarship statements will be mailed to all participants no later than January 31, 2007.  Unofficial results will be posted on the website by January  3, 2008.  Scholarships are awarded by the JBT SW Scholarship FundClaiming rules may be found on   

15.    Averages: Scratch division bowlers need not submit an average.  All handicap division bowlers (singles OR doubles) must submit 1) their JBT average as of November 15, 2007; if none, 2) their HIGHEST 2007-08 average of 21 games or more, as of November 15, 2007, including any traveling leagues/tours.  Bowlers with a higher average from an uncertified league/tour MUST report this average as well for possible re-rating.  If you mail entry early, be sure to bring proof with you, or fax it to us.  Bowlers whose only average is in a certified sport league, or PBA Experience league, or other league using "non-house" conditions  must declare such and will be re-rated according to USBC/JBT rules.  Any average discovered to be incorrect, inadvertently or not, will result in that bowlers’ disqualification, forfeiture of all scholarships earned at the event, and suspension from USBC and/or future JBT events, subject to the sole discretion of tournament management.  Bowlers who do not provide average proof will not be able to bowl in the semifinal or final rounds.

16.    Rules not covered herein will be subject first to JBT. then USBC rulebooks.  Tournament management reserves all rights regarding the operation of this event.


HOTEL INFORMATION:  Texas Station Hotel is offering special rates of $59 12/23-12/27 and 12-30-12/31, and $89 12/28-29, to bowlers of the Main Event.   You must book rooms by December 8 for these rates.  Call 1-800-654-8888 and tell them your group is the Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest.  These rooms sold out VERY early last year- don't procrastinate!  Lots of other rooms for all budgets are available as well.




(detach and mail completed entry form with payment and average verification if applicable.  Confirmed entrants will be posted on





City___________________________________________________ State_________________ Zip

Year in school: __________  AVERAGE (read rule 15 carefully!):________________  (If it's before the 11/15 average cutoff, we suggest you send in the entry NOW and the average later!)

Phone (_______)______________________________________________________________________

Email address(es): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________



My singles division is (circle only one):

        Open Scratch ($100 entry fee)

        Girls Scratch ($100 entry fee)

        Handicap ($80 entry fee)

My singles squad time choice is (circle only one): (every squad begins with fresh oil)

 8 AM Dec. 26th        1 PM Dec. 26th (Sold Out)        6 PM Dec. 26th        8 AM Dec. 27th        1 PM Dec. 27th 

I want to pre-pay for a singles re-entry as well, and that squad is (circle only one, or none):I want to pre-pay for a singles re-entry as well, and that squad is (circle only one, or none):

1 PM Dec. 26th        6 PM Dec. 26th        8 AM Dec. 27th        1 PM Dec. 27th  


My doubles division is (circle only one):My doubles division is (circle only one):  (This is an optional event; if you don't want to enter right now you don't have to)

        Scratch           Handicap

My doubles partner is: (you must list a doubles partner to enter; you can always enter doubles later, or even on-site if space permits)       


The Doubles squad time we'd like is (circle one): (fresh oil before 8 AM & 3 PM; 'house' conditions)

        8AM Dec. 26th     10AM Dec. 26th     Noon Dec. 26th     3PM Dec. 26th    5PM Dec. 26th (Sold Out)   7PM Dec. 26th (Sold Out)   9PM Dec. 26th



 My check includes: (check all that apply)

    $________  for my Singles entry ($100 or $80)

    $________ for Doubles (you can pay $20 for your half,  $40 for your whole team, or $0 if your partner is paying the full amount.)

    $________ for my Singles re-entry (if applicable) ($60 in all three divisions)

Entry fee must accompany this form.   Make checks out to JBT/MAIN EVENT.  Mail to: JBT/Main Event, PO Box 33574, Phoenix AZ 85067.  For questions, visit the website, email, or call Jeff Hemer at 480-748-9299.  See for lots more info and confirmation—spread the word, see you there!