For those of you who would like to try to qualify for Junior Gold Finals at the Main Event, we offer a Junior Gold squad!


The squad will be Dec. 27th at 6 PM (or after the 1 PM squad is finished- if we go more than 6 on a pair for the 1 PM squad they likely won't be finished, and the lanes re-oiled, by 6 PM). 

The entry fee is $40 ($25 for the Gold spot, $15 for linage, $0 for expenses because we love you).  

The qualifier is 6 games, on a sport condition different from the Main Event condition.  The top 1:6 6-game totals, separate male and female, will advance to 2008 Gold Finals in Detroit MI in July.  

We should have plenty of room to sign up on-site for this, but if you'd like to guarantee a spot, you can always do so by sending a check, along with or separate from, your Main Event entry.  You can always get a refund if you've qualified by December.


That's it, sweet and simple for those of you determined to go to Detroit in 2008!