only at JBT events!

What is PowerBowl?

        PowerBowl is a three-stage jackpot shot.  The same raffle tickets you buy to win the Ebonite bowling ball offered at almost all JBT events are the tickets you use for PowerBowl.  At the end of the qualifying round, we'll usually draw two players to play that day's PowerBowl!

      Round 1:     In round one, you have to predict how many pins you'll knock over, from 1-10.  If you knock over exactly what you predict, you earn a $20 scholarship and advance to round two.  If not, you still earn a $10 scholarship.

      Round 2:     In round two, your only choices are 6 or 7.  Knock over exactly what you predict, and you earn a $100 scholarship and advance to round three.  If not, you earn a $20 scholarship.

      Round 3:     In round three, your only choices are 4 or 5. Knock over exactly what you predict, and you win the entire jackpot!  If not, you still earn a $100 scholarship.  (Jackpots won on the same JBT weekend are split between all winning bowlers, in case that ever happens)


Sounds hard?

            Well, yup, it is.  But the good news is that it can be done, and is done a lot!  Here's the PowerBowl jackpot winners:

  Lathan Chin- $1,000 PowerBowl winner 2/17/22

Danielle Fincham- $1,000 PowerBowl winner 6/20/20

Tai Garrett- $1,000 PowerBowl winner 3-1-20

  Josh Williams- $1,000 PowerBowl winner 10/3/19

  TJ Thalman- $1,000 PowerBowl winner 6/2/19

Brad Harvey- $1,000 PowerBowl WINNER- 3/26/17

    Austin Gilbert- $300 PowerBowl WINNER- 5/1/16

   Joe Grondin- $400 PowerBowl WINNER- 3/27/16

   Matteo Bergonzi- $400 PowerBowl WINNER- 3/20/16

   Cerell Cardines- $400 PowerBowl WINNER- 3/1/15

   Cerell Cardines- $400 PowerBowl WINNER- 3/1/15

   Tyler Boe- $600 PowerBowl WINNER- 1/10/15

   Dante Rohe- $500 PowerBowl WINNER- 9/20/14

   Randi Speiler, $1,000 PowerBowl WINNER- 9/6/14

  Harley Sweigart- $775 PowerBowl WINNER- 12/1/13

   Ben Canfield- $1,000 PowerBowl WINNER- 9/8/12

   Dominic Luna- $1,000 PowerBowl WINNER- 5/6/12

  Josh Mullen- $1,000 PowerBowl WINNER- 8/28/11

  Britni Glasspool- $500 PowerBowl WINNER- 3/14/10

  William Entsminger- $425 PowerBowl WINNER- 6/6/09

   Cameron Smith- $300 PowerBowl WINNER- 2/28/09

   Zach Hemming- $1,000 PowerBowl WINNER- 12/14/08

   Ryan Gallagher- $600 PowerBowl WINNER- 2/15/09

   Andy Byer- $300 PowerBowl WINNER- 1/5/08

   BJ Baker- $600 PowerBowl WINNER- 12/9/07

   Dan Hansen- $2,150 PowerBowl WINNER- 11/10/07

   Kyle Frederick- $2,500 PowerBowl WINNER- 5/12/07


That's it!

      We hope you'll participate in this unique part of the JBT program.