champs Zach Greim & Faythe Reid, with finalists

        Zach Greim completed a dream weekend, while Faythe Reid picked a great time to win her first, as champions of the 2020 Mojave Invitational, hosted by Strike Zone in Henderson.       

        In a modified 'survivor' format to stay within covid mandates (the first time the Invitational hasn't used its triple elimination format since 1998), sixteen semifinalists were carved down to four.  In those matches, Greim beat Hunter Mayes 192-178, and Gael Egana stuck around to beat qualifying leader Devyn Patalina 190-145 to set up the final.  In a title match between good friends on a grindout pattern, Greim emerged 185-181 to sweep the weekend, earning over $1,500 combined, and his ninth career JBT title.

        In the handicap semifinal matches, Reid beat Brockton Scotford 190-172, while Mackenzie Hammer stopped Lindsay Greim's great weekend 222-166, to set up the finale.  Hammer was coming off a top-4 finish in the Arizona Invite, but Reid bowled an excellent game to defeat her in the final, earning her first career JBT title just before heading to college at Pikeville in the fall!

        Katelyn Abigania rolled a big game to stop Rachael Berg, who also finished 5th in the main tournament, to win the Girls Scratch Invitational 225-183.  The Hayes-Greim semifinal was also the U17 final- even though Zach won the game, Mayes edged him in season long points for U17 Bowler of the Year.  Abigania cruised to the girls crown, Greim earned scratch b.o.y. honors, while Miya Greene hung on to handicap.

        Huge thanks to the team at Strike Zone for their help in making this event possible in trying times.  Top point scorers now move on to the Touring Players Championship!

Mojave Invitational-final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Zach Greim $1,215
2 Gael Egana $500
3 Devyn Patalina $250
4 Hunter Mayes $200
5 Rachael Berg $175
6 Josh Abigania $100
7 Josh Williams $50
8 Clifford Robbins  
9 Elias O'Hollaren $198
10 Brock Bivins  
11 Josh Molloy  
12 Andrew Guba  
13 Allex Zieg  
14 Cerell Cardines $50
15 Hayden Hull $50
16 Sebastian Huffman $50
17 Caleb Andrews  
18 Skyler McGowan $5
19 Katelyn Abigania $200
20 Kyle Rendon  
21 Sam Conti  
22 CJ Todeschi  
23 Brendan Lindsey  
24 Lucas Rabb $15
25 Afton Lords $5
26 Chris Mayes  
27 Dawson Reese  
28 Brysen Mortensen  
29 Tim Hill  
30 Makenzie Derezotes  
  Handicap Division  
1 Faythe Reid $1,000
2 Mackenzie Hammer $500
3 Brockton Scotford $322
4 Lindsay Greim $150
5 Alisabeth Rich $100
6 Noel Gregorich  
7 Kendall Bollea  
8 Marissa Ruiz $14
9 Harper Schmidt $58
10 James Burke $50
11 AJ Imperial  
12 Corbin Reid-Hirsch $50
13 Jazmyne Compehos $30
14 Silas Phillips $50
15 Tyler Morgan $50
16 Miya Greene $50
17 Kaitlyn Hammer $14
18 Madison Holman  
19 Gavin Fernandez  
20 Jon Verde $15
21 Hayden Fernandez $5
22 Jason Bardol  
23 Ryland Gregorich  
24 Brandon Rother  
25 Bryce Nakunz  
26 Mason Snow  
27 Ava McLaughlin  
28 Julian Stenroos  
  High Games  
  Scratch Handicap
  Guba 267 Scotford 257
  Patalina 236 Holman 237
  H Mayes 233 M Hammer 230
  Berg 232 M Hammer 224
  C Andrews 232 Bollea 224
  High Female  
1 Berg -26  
2 K Abigania -92*  
3 Conti -107  
4 Lords -154  
5 McDonnell -180  
  Qualifying Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Patalina +67 Rich +22
2 O'Hollaren +62 Scotford -10
3 H Mayes -23 N Gregorich -10
1 H Mayes -23  
2 Z Greim -23  
3 Egana -81  
4 K Abigania -92  
5 Hull -135  
  Round Leaders  
  Scratch Handicap
1 Patalina Holman
2 Patalina Bollea
3 Patalina Scotford
4 Patalina Rich
5 Patalina Rich
  Total Awarded This Event: $5,361


Bowlers who were Invitational eligible as of the COVID shutdown are now "IN" and can't fall out (and are listed below).  Others may still 'jump in' to the Invite based on your performance 7/11.   Details on the Invitational are below.

This event has been re-combined into one qualifying squad, at 9:30 AM.  Please contact us (again, sorry) to let us know you got word of the change and are still coming (or not).

Please click here to read about all the Covid protocols required by Nevada, the Gaming Board, and Station.  Especially, 100% mask and we need you to bring as close to ZERO spectators as possible into the bowling center.

Prepaying is not required, but will make the expected long check-in line go faster.  You may do so at the 'sign me up!' section of the website. 

no. bowler conf 9:30 AM
1 Lords, Afton yes
2 Rich, Alisabeth yes
3 Abigania, Joshua yes
4 Abigania, Katelyn yes
5 Andrews, Caleb yes
6 Reese, Dawson yes
7 Bardol, Jason II yes
8 Berg, Rachael yes
9 Bivins, Brock yes
10 Bollea, Kendall yes
11 Burke, James yes
12 Cardines, Cerell yes
13 Compehos, Jazmyne yes
14 Conti, Samantha yes
15 Derezotes, Makenzie yes
16 Downing, Emma no
17 Egana, Gael yes
18 Fernandez, Hayden yes
19 Garrett, Matthew no
20 Gonzalez, Zachary  
21 Greene, Miya yes
22 Gregorich, Noel yes
23 Gregorich, Ryland yes
24 Greim, Lindsay yes
25 Greim, Zach yes
26 Guba, Andrew yes
27 Hammer, Kaitlyn yes
28 Hammer, Mackenzie yes
29 Hill, Tim yes
30 Holman, Madison yes
31 Huffman, Sebastian yes
32 Hull, Hayden yes
33 Imperial, AJ yes
34 Lindsey, Brendan yes
35 Mayes, Chris yes
36 Mayes, Hunter yes
37 McGowan, Skyler yes
38 McLaughlin, Ava yes
39 Meliska, Caden no
40 Moore, Aaron  
41 Morgan, Tyler yes
42 Morris, Jorell  
43 Mortensen, Brysen yes
44 Nakunz, Bryce yes
45 O'Hollaren, Elias yes
46 Patalina, Devyn yes
47 Phillips, Silas yes
48 Pointon, RJ no
49 Rabb, Lucas yes
50 Reed, Kyle no
51 Reid, Faythe yes
52 Reid-Hirsch, Corbin yes
53 Rendon, Kyle yes
54 Robbins, Clifford yes
55 Ruiz, Marissa yes
56 Scotford, Brockton yes
57 Snow, Mason yes
58 Stenroos, Julian yes
59 Todeschi, CJ yes
60 Verde, Jon III yes
61 Williams, Josh yes
62 Worthington, Justin  

The following bowlers are guaranteed in the Mojave Girls and the Mojave U-17 Invitational.  Others may jump in as a result of bowling on 7/11.  Keep in mind you may qualify or be qualified for the Girls or U17 Invitational, but not the main Invitational.  In that case, you bowl only the qualifying round on Sunday and cannot 'make the cut' to Sunday's finals.  Entry fee is only $30 in that case.

Girls Invitational:

Holman, Madison
Berg, Rachel
Abigania, Katelyn
Greene, Miya

U-17 Invitational:

Mayes, Hunter
Reese, Dawson
Greim, Zach
Hull, Hayden
Abigania, Katelyn
Salama, Solomon
Egana, Gael
Silva, Gianni
Young, Ethan
Holman, Madison
Morgan, Tyler


$25,000 in scholarships


at JBT Invitational tournaments


Mojave: July 12, at Strike Zone, 9:30 AM


ENTRY FEE: $50 scratch, $40 handicap

 Includes all scholarships except $2 scholarship brackets in both divisions




Each event is open to anyone making TWO top-4 finishes in that Conference this season,

OR the top 32 in season-long points in that Conference



Format may be adjusted due to covid restrictions.  Keep posted, stay flexible!

-QUALIFYING: Bowl 4 games.   The top eleven 5-game totals, plus the top 5 season-long point scorers, advance to the triple-elimination finals!  (If a top-5 player does not show or chooses to bowl in the opposite division, additional bowlers will be taken to complete a 16-player field)


-FINALS: Bowlers will play TRIPLE elimination match play (keep bowling until you lose 3 times), until a winner is determined






2nd- $500

3rd- $250

4th- $150

5th- $100


Additional spots earn scholarships on a 1:6 ratio


PLUS The top 5 point scorers going into each Invite will have Invite winnings augmented to $50 minimum